P is for Poncho

I'll confess: when the poncho trend started to crop up...I wasn't too sure.  I kept getting visions of families at the Shamu Show or clichéd Mexican fiestas in my head.  But the more and more I see them, the more I fall in love.  I envision wearing one with black leggings or skinny jeans and cute boots!  I really must have one.  But which one?

Clearly, Elizabeth & James (by MK and Ashley Olsen) has the poncho down right.  However, the price tag and the fact that both are sold out (sad!) has me back to the hunt.

Ok I LOVE this one...what's not to love about cashmere and casualty all mixed into one?  But again, I'll have to wait for this baby to go on sale before I'll even consider it.

Now, this one is much more reasonably priced but looks more like a traditional poncho...or cape?  I'm not sure, but I still think it's a contender.

Thanks to J.Crew, I've gotten a lot of updates and discounts on Madewell items (they have cute boots too!).  I came across this poncho and really REALY like it...plus I feel like it's more "practical" (insert husband's eye roll here) because of the wool for those chilly Tahoe nights.  AND I have a 20% discount which expires tomorrow...thoughts?

SO there you have it!  What do you think of ponchos?

xo natasha


  1. Loving the Madwell one the best! 20% off too?! Pull the trigger!

  2. I think I just might! Thanks for the encouragement!! Love it! xo