Look-Alikes for Less

I'll be the first to admit...I like nice things--especially when it comes to my home.  I literally get giddy when the Pottery Barn catalogue comes in the mail...I pour over the gorgeous rooms and dream of the day I can spend $2,000 on an armoire and not blink an eye.  But for now, I must be frugal and I've found a lot of retailers are "inspired" by Pottery Barn and have very similar items in stock.

First up, the Pottery Barn Malta Lantern, which ranges from $29-$99. 

I found an almost identical lantern at Pier One for a fraction of the price.  Here it is sitting on our mantel:

 Similar here and here.

Next, are the Tibetan Bartstools, which $99-$119, on sale, PER CHAIR.

I love the look and feel of this chair, but simply could not justify the price.  As luck would have it, our local Ross store had these in stock for just $19.99 per chair.  What a deal!

Most of the places I found online, only sold these chairs in pairs...and the best deal was still $99 for two.  I only needed three chairs, so I thought this worked out super well.

I love the look of this Celeste Chandelier for $299 and while the price is not bad, I thought I could find something comparable for less.

Good old Lowe's had a smaller version (which was what we needed) and though it's not quite as opulent, I think it fits the bill quite nicely

For just $90, you can buy it here.

Every wall deserves a good console table...to display pretty things such as photos and chachkies, which is why I love the Hyde Turned-Leg version.  But I'm afraid the $500 price tag is out of reach for me (insert sad face here).

But you can imagine my delight when I found its identical twin sister at Pier One:

It's no longer online, but I know I did not pay more than $150 for this table and I really think they are almost the exact same.

And for the grand finale, the ever popular framed prints.  Just to prove my point, I went to a new source, One Kings Lane, where things are ridiculously expensive, even on sale, but ultra chic.  I honestly don't know why I torture myself into getting these daily emails (it's a members only website), perhaps for the inspiration?  Anyway, these prints below are gorgeous but WAY out of my league at $1,069 (marked down from $2,140)!!!
Now I know these don't totally compare, but I found them at Target a couple years ago...does anyone remember when they used to have their interior design expo event?  It was awesome!  Anyway, I found these two prints for $20 each and though I wish it came with a third (I have a thing for groupings of 3), I knew I had to have them.

Hopefully these items inspire you to find your own bargains and not feel the pressure to pay full price.  Have you found any great look-alikes lately?

xo natasha

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