15 16 + 17 Month Favorites

15 16 + 17 Favorites

As the months go on, it seems like Ethan's interests last a little longer and therefore, his toys get to stick around a little longer.  These last few months have been fun and challenging all at the same time.  While Ethan does enjoy toys, he's more likely to be found playing with things such as boxes, cable cords, makeup, the list goes on...

That being said, he LOVES to mimic us and based on the above, you would think we're huge cleaners.  Seriously...the kid LOVES to vacuum and sweep.  We have both toy vacuums above and like them for different reasons. The Dirt Devil makes the best sound and *bonus* it turns off after about thirty seconds.  The Dyson version is definitely cooler looking with the filtering beads and even has the suction capability, but the noise is pretty quiet {which would probably be a good thing for most parents!}.

Additionally, Ethan got this B. Toys broom set for Christmas and he loves sweeping around the kitchen.

Speaking of B. Toys, Ethan also loves this guitar.  It has three different settings and plays music as well as lets him key around on it.  Super cute!

Another hit these last few months is the shape sorting cube.  I don't know that this is the best one for beginners like Ethan, but he loves trying to fit the shapes in their accompanying slot.  I might suggest this or this for a younger toddler like Ethan.  Also, I should have included this in the set, but he LOVES his musical piggy bank for similar reasons.

To tap into his creative side, Ethan and I play with his Classic Doodler all the time.  Love that it's mess free!

And speaking of messes, Ethan loves these wipes.  He'll clean up his highchair tray after each meal...and then he'll make more messes just so he can clean them up.  They're also great for traveling!  Also great for traveling and entertaining during brushing is this cute toothbrush.  Ethan is pretty good about getting his teeth brushed each night, and this little cow toothbrush definitely helps to add to his excitement.

Last, Ethan's grandma got him these SUPER cute mini Nikes and Ethan just loves them.  Seriously, I can hardly stand mini versions of the adult version...it's too adorable for words.  And these seem like they offer lots of great support.  Win-win!

What are your kids loving these days?!

xo natasha


  1. We have the dyson for Noah and he LOVES it! I think we will have to get the mini broom set now too!

  2. How funny! I catch my son trying to mop the floors all the time, I should maybe invest in one of those vacuums or brooms! And those nikes are amazing!

  3. I've totally got that dyson on Aria's to buy list! So cute. Does it sound like a vacuum? A quieter version of a real one?

  4. That's so cute he loves to vacuum!! We got the dog guitar for our little guy for Christmas, he loves it too!! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love these lists!! How do you create the image and put in on your blog? I have the hardest time trying to figure that out. I LOVE shape sorters and can't wait for Ellie to get a little bigger so that she can play with them! SO FUN.

  6. I love your lists! We love a lot of these same things. The shape sorter and toothbrushes especially. Mac is also obsessed with helping and vacuuming. I need to get him that Dyson!

  7. That dyson, Waverly NEEDS it!! She would love it. We also have the broom and love it! What is it with kids and cleaning?! Not that I'm complaining. :)


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