Wyatt Turns 3! A Gift Guide

Kitchen Set {a TOTAL steal compared to Pottery Barn!} + Hot Potato + Coco Guitar

Someone hold me, Wyatt turns THREE this Friday! I'm feeling all the feels to see my baby grow up. We're potty training as we speak and soon he'll be a little boy {and no longer my baby!}. So as I said before, hold me!

Having a birthday right after the holidays is kind of the pits {trust me, I know!}. Everyone is pooped, broke and detoxing, BUT I think it's important to celebrate his birthday regardless, so we're hosting a small party this Saturday, with a superhero theme and I think he'll love it!

Some ideas above. First, that kitchen is SUCH A STEAL! I'd been eying the Pottery Barn set, which is $500 and this set is under $150...crazy! Wyatt has taken to the kitchen again so we thought it was time for an upgrade. Plus this one is so pretty!

The indoor pogo stick was a Christmas present from Wyatt's uncle + gf and both boys LOVE it! It's a great energy burner.

Last, if you're on the lookout for good toddler shoes, pay the money for Nikes. They last forever, they're comfortable and they're cute! Wyatt is about to outgrow his current pair so new ones are in order.

Do you have any great ideas for three year old gifts? Please share!

xo natasha

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  1. So cute! We have that chef costume and it's a favorite. Good to know about the Nikes!