Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Table for 3: Mama Megan

Hi, I am Megan and I blog at Table for 3!
I am SO excited to be guest posting for one of my favorite bloggy mamas! I am here posting for Natasha while she is busy being a new mama!! =) 
I am the mama to Olivia Adele who I am head over heels OBSESSED with! She just turned 13 months old and is the main topic of my blog!
 Olivia was born 3.5 months premature on May 23rd. After spending 80 days in the NICU we welcomed her home on August 11th.
In the past year I have had SO many wonderful moments with Olivia. I would have to say I have 2 moments that will forever make my heart happy are the first time I got to hold her and the day we brought her home. 
As a mom, you wait for that moment that the doctor calls out the babys gender and places that sweet pink baby on your chest, you look at your partner and least that's how I pictured it in my head. In our situation they did call out the babys gender and I did cry but instead of placing her on my chest, she was rushed to a team of doctors. The first time I saw Olivia was a picture that Jeremy took on his phone because there was so many people around both of us. So two weeks later when I was told I could hold Olivia, was the moment I felt that took a lifetime...
My heart SO full! :)

Then the day we brought Olivia home felt like a dream. The day was perfect. I'll never forgot the feeling of walking out those double doors as a family of three. It was the moment Jeremy & I dreamed of and SO much more!
 Even Olivia was smiling! :)

I know as mamas, we try to treasure every second and moment, but these moments will always stand out in my life! 
Thanks for reading a little bit of our story! I hope you will stop by and say hi!! 
Thanks for having me Natasha! Make sure you sleep while your little Schue love sleeps! BEST advice there is and I STILL follow it! :)


  1. Awww look at that cutie god bless that angel i remember when i had my son 3years ago so cute great post hope you follow me xoxo lia

  2. Oh Olivia is precious! I feel your two best days as my son was born 9 weeks early last year. The feeling of taking ypthem home from the NICU is like no other feeling in the world!

  3. You're amazing! And Olivia is so cute! I'll definitely check out your blog!


  4. Your daughter is precious! I will have to check out your blog for more!

  5. Oh, I'm so glad she's okay! That must have been so difficult. I love your moments and pics. I will check out your blog!


  6. Oh my gosh what a doll. That moment you get to hold your baby for the first time is like nothing other. :)

  7. I am trying to link to your blog and it is saying the url is incorrect. Can you provide your website? Thanks!

  8. Such a sweet post! I love Megan's blog, and Olivia is precious. It's so amazing to see how she's grown!

  9. oh my gosh. her tiny tiny little head :) what a blessing.

  10. Table for 3's website has been updated...thanks for the heads up! ;)

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Wow look at you, Meg :) Moving up in the blogging world! So proud! xo

  13. Great story! Olivia is just beautiful!!

  14. I tried to comment a few days ago but now I see my comment never posted! :(

    Awww! All of these comments made me smile!! Thanks for having me Natasha!! :)

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