The Honeybee: Mama Andee

Hi guys I'm Andee from The Honeybee blog! Im a wife and new mommy to our beautiful 3.5 month old daughter Ava. Being a full time mom is quite an adjustment but I wouldn't trade it for anything! I never thought I could love my daughter more than the day I first met her but that love somehow continues to grow each day!!!

 I have to say that bath time with my daughter is my absolute favorite time with her! She loves sitting in her tub and kicking her little feet in the water. I don't think she has ever looked cuter than when we take her out and put on her little hooded towel! It melts my hearts every time!

Thank you to Natasha for allowing me to share this with you ladies! Sending lots of love and prayers to her and her beautiful son...cant wait to see more pics!!


  1. Andee and Ava are so beautiful - love their blog too :)

  2. What a doll! Thanks for sharing.

    And bath time just gets better and better.


  3. adorable!!! that is one of my favorites with my daughter also :)

  4. Awww what a cutie! Bath time is so much fun. My daughter has always been a water baby!

  5. this is adorable....the first time bath experience scares me but i am sure it will be fine!