Hello! Happiness: Mama Natasha

Hello friends! While our lovely lady is off the calendar for the next few weeks getting adjusted to life as a mommy, I was so happy when she emailed me to help fill up her blog with a fun post dedicated to the joys of being a mama.

I am Natasha from Hello! Happiness...I am a southern gal borned and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. I am a lover of planning parties, working out, baking all things sweet, and spending time with family and friends...so nice to meet you!

But back to the issue at hand...one of my favorite moments of being a mom. To be honest, each and everyday has its incredible (and overwhelming) moments, but one that stands out to me most is the first time I had my mother and my grandmother over to our home to hang out with my daughter Caroline. To witness 4 generations of women of my family together was so very special to me, and I can't imagine 2 women that could love my daughter anymore than they do. Seeing them interact with her week after week brings so much joy and happiness to me that words cannot convey just how I feel. They have enstilled so much in me from my childhood, and I can only hope I can be half as good as they were to me.

Proud mama moment indeed :)


  1. Awww the sweetest! It is amazing isnt' it seeing all of the generations together!

  2. Such an awesome opportunity to have four generations together! I am sure both of them were filled with a tremendous amount of joy. Caroline is beautiful.