Honey We're Home: Mama Megan

Hi!  I'm Megan from Honey We're Home.  There is nothing better in the whole wide world than a little baby!  When you become a parent, everything is new and you fall in love, head over heels, with wild abandon, with your baby.  And watching them grow is even better.  With each new stage, I find myself saying, "THIS is the age I love the best!"

But I remember every first. 

First time eating peas:

First teeth:

First crawling:

First time sitting in the shopping cart:

First haircut:

First visit with Santa:

First bike ride:

First walking:

First time at the beach:

And of course, first birthday cake!

And then suddenly, they're 2! (and I know lots of mamas who can now say, "and suddenly they're 18, or 25, or 40!")

But right now, I'm cherishing the creativity of the two year old.  Mine is talking in complete sentences and we have conversations!  It's amazing and totally blows my mind.  Our conversations go something like this:

James:  What you doing mama?

Me:  I'm folding the laundry.

James:  I help fold the laundry.

Me:  Okay, thank you.

James:  You're welcome.

Total swoon!

Congratulations on your new little one Natasha!  Big hugs to you and your family!


  1. Oh, it's so true, Megan. I find myself saying, "Oh this is the cutest." I also find myself wanting to push down on their heads as they are growing so so fast. Nothing sweeter than the love you feel for a child. xoxo

  2. So sweet! What a great post. I am loving her guest blogs and seeing new blogs! Your son is so cute.

    I too don't want things to go too fast! My boy is 18 mos, and my girl is due in Oct. He's not talking yet, but he sure does communicate well! So cute.

    I'm also in wonder of how all you blogging Moms do it all. I'd love to hear more about this!


  3. This is a great post with super cute photos. I love that you made a "magazine" cover this his big moments. Where did you find to do that?

  4. Awww your son is so sweet! It is amazing how fast it all goes, isn't it?