All Things Bright and Beautiful: Mama Aubrey

Hidey-ho, neighbors!

And yes, I totally am like Wilson...except for my fence is my blog...All Things Bright and Beautiful to be exact!

And the subject matters over yonder don't usually cover funny kiddo stories, so when gorgeous new mommy Natasha asked for mommy moments, you know I was all over that like kids on a candy bar (c;

For some reason, kids seem to be super attracted to cell phones...and I discovered this little gem on my phone one day after confiscating it from my 3 year-old:

And while the whole thing was quite ridiculous (we were totally rolling on the floor because she decided to say every word she could think of that she isn't usually allowed to say (c:), I couldn't help but have my little mommy heart melt at the saying mommy and kissing the cute! 

 Those are the little moments that make all the messes and embarrassing moments worthwhile... 

 Like when we were in church one Sunday and I was trying really hard to read something...apparently my son (who was two at the time) really wanted attention because he kept putting his little hand right where I was reading. I kept moving it away and saying "no, no"...until I couldn't take it anymore and shoved his hand away with a little more force and a "stop it!". His response??? "GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE!!!" I could feel my face turning beet red as all the faces in the congregation snapped around to see who the culprit of this profanity was...
...and then dissolved into giggling when they saw that little rascal with a huge smile on his face. 

 Thank goodness they're cute!!! 

 But truly, those two little guys are the best thing that ever happened to me and I'd never trade a minute...not for all the fabulous shoes and accessories in the world! 

 (and that's *BIG* for me, y'all...)

Thank Natasha for letting me brag on my babies for a spell...I'm *SO* excited to "meet" Baby Schue!!!!


  1. hahahaha these are the kinds of stories that make me just absolutely LOVE kids!


  2. Oh what a hysterical church story! Your little ones are precious:)

  3. OMG Aubrey. You crack me up. As always of course. It is those moments that are truly the best things about being a parent.

  4. Haha that church story is hilarious. I can't wait until my Max starts talking (or can I)...?! Kids are precious. I only lose my patience when I'm tired...which is my own fault - so new Moms out there - get some rest!


  5. I'm glad nobody was *too* offended by that church story (c; Thanks for having me, Natasha! Sorry about the link hiccup, I've got it covered tomorrow, stupid hotel internet, it ruins everything!!!

  6. The church story has me rolling! I swear kids know exactly when to pull out those little gems :D