Strawberry Swing and Other Things: Mama Erinn

Hi Schue Love Readers!  Natasha was kind enough to ask me to guest post while she's busy getting in the groove of motherhood. I'm so excited for her family on the new addition and the opportunity to guest post!

However, I wasn't sure what to post about until seeing the sweet photo of her brand new baby boy Ethan.  I was instantly reminded of that moment that will forever be etched into my memory and rank as the best day of my life.

The moment we met.

We locked eyes and smiled to each other, as if we were both saying, "hang on for the ride, I will love you the entire way"

If you'd like to read more about our wild ride, you can find Ashlynn and me over at Strawberry Swing and Other Things!


  1. this pix is so cute and perfect! you can really feel the moment!

  2. Thanks for the chance to guest post, Natasha!

  3. What a sweet photo! I've been so enjoying BOTH of your blogs.


  4. Such a special and unforgettable moment! :)

  5. ughhhh! That photo completely melts my heart. So special.