Rustic Chic

If you can't tell from my blog header, I love succulents, candle light, white florals and all things rustic and chic.  It was a big theme in our wedding and I initially considered naming the blog "Rustic Chic"-but the name was taken (darn!).  I feel like living in Tahoe has allowed me to marry the two ideas together...the mountains, pines and lake are so beautiful, rustic and serene and yet, I still love the idea of chic elegance-a little sparkle and luxury.  Below are some lovely images I've recently found that sum up my idea of rustic chic quite nicely.

Mercury glass and succulents?  Love!

I love the juxtaposition of the crystal chandeliers and stone bowls.

All images are from the lovely Velvet & Linen-which is a great "rustic chic" name don't you think?  She has amazing ideas...I've spent countless hours pouring over her website.

Here's a couple more inspirations:

How neat is this factory store window for the shower enclosure?

Love the idea of this barn door...maybe a good fix for our hallway laundry room?

3 images via Pinterest

I love a great chandelier and having one in the kitchen adds a wonderful touch of elegance.

via here
 And since my pine wreath is dying from Christmas (is that embarrassing that it's still on my front door?) I thought that a rustic succulent wreath would be a lovely replacement!  I've seen lots of great DIYs online, so poke around and let me know if you've attempted this yourself.

Last, I thought I would share an update on my Hallway project...I took your advice and added some green and a cool "branch sphere":

I think the green and blue adds a nice touch of color.  Thanks again for all the great feedback!

xo natasha


  1. obsessed with that wreath!! I love all the shots, such pretty pictures

  2. Love all your rustic chicness! :) That wreath is AWESOME! I've seen some tutorials online too ... if only I'd bookmarked them!


  3. OH, I just love it. This is totally my style...and I agree, such a perfect name- Velvet and Linen. Happy Monday, friend!

  4. I feel that we have the exact same taste, these pictures are gorgeous! And that succulent wreath is amazing.

  5. Lovely images. I so love the barn door on the bathroom image. Your hallway also looks very lovely :-)

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  6. I'm a big fan of rustic chic, too...and those inspiration pics are so fabulous! I hope you let your bloggy friends know if you do that succulents wreath, it is so freakin' awesome!

  7. I grew up in Buenos Aires where the climate is quite humid. Succulents grow very well down there so my mother always had them all around the house. I love them. I adore that wreath, especially with those very nice blueish tones!

  8. I love the things you posted and I love your hallway bookcase - just LOVE it! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog - I am adding you to my list as well, I think we think alike :)

  9. All of these images are beautiful! Last month I put together a table setting with a few succulents - it's going to be my guest post on Remodelaholic this week. Great minds think alike, right?! I've wanted one of those succulent wreaths since Martha first talked about them - they are gorgeous! Love your bookcase too!

  10. Natasha I found you through, who else....Brooke. Great site and I love the succulent wreath!!

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    Art by Karena

  11. Ladies--you've given me the courage to try this succulent wreath! I've added it to my list of DIY''s a long list but I'm excited to try! Love all your sweet comments! xo

  12. Natasha - I'm visiting from Brooke's blog. Love the photos! That barn door is a beauty! I'll be back!


  13. Beautiful pictures! So inspiring!

  14. These pictures are gorgeous, so clean and chic! Beautiful!

  15. Rustic chic - love it! I don't believe I have ever owned a succulent - I think I might need some around here - they are so pretty! And I too love Velvet & Linen - I could spend hours there. Love her design style, lots of earthy neutrals - just gorgeous.

  16. Beautiful post! Your shelf looks great, by the way! Love the changes!!! :)

  17. Found you via Velvet and Linen.....lovely post..keep it up. Following now. I have had that factory window shower enclosure pic in my design file for a couple of day..!...k