Fireplace + Mantel

You all remember this monstrosity of a fireplace, right?

Thought so!  What I haven't showed you yet, is our new and improved fireplace (the one with the switch!).  I thought I would show you the journey...since hubs and I worked on it.

Yes, that is me actually tiling...that was pretty much the only thing I learned to do during this entire home renovation process!  The bathrooms floors, the backsplash, and the fireplace!  I'm out for hire if anyone is interested!  :)

Sweet hubs making sure the tile fit!

The face of the for the sides....

We "splurged" on the tile and got real travertine!  I love how each piece is different and beautiful!

Here's the final product! 

I've never had a formal mantel before, so I've been having fun decorating!  

The mercury glass candle pillars and small glass candle holders are from Pier One.  The others are random vases we had around the house.  The mirror is from Lowe's.

And the print was a Valentine's Gift for my hubby from Fancy Prints (originally inspired from Erinn's post here--see I told you I would get it!).  The trunk has our initials and wedding date on it.  I love how special it is...we'll have it forever!

Oh and the frame is from here.

Now the only question left is whether we actually buy a "real" mantel.  I have some ideas...but I'd love to hear yours!

xo natasha

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  1. WOW..speechless what an amazing job you guys did.. so you put up a wall as well? And carpet? I LOVE the look you have going on the mantel as it is and am contemplating stealing this "look" but modifying it for a large shelf love the sleek and classic look. Beautiful!

  2. Okay, color me *impressed*!!! That looks amazing and you did the tile work yourself! So fun-tastic! And that print is so sweet...(c:

  3. Thanks Miss V! I should have clarified...the new fireplace is actually on the wall in the living room...I should showcase that space next. And yes we got new carpet too! :) Definitely let me know if you end up incorporating this look...I would love to see! :)

    Thanks Aubrey! That means a lot to me! :)

  4. I really like the simplicity of it and "sleek" is definitely the right word. I'd say purchase a mantel mainly so there is somewhere to hang Christmas stockings. Though, esthetically there is not much need for a mantel because it looks great without it!

  5. Your fireplace looks beautiful, especially the decoration on top;)

  6. Before I even got to the bottom, I'm like "YOU GOT IT!"... Love it looks great, and check out your tiling.... we have similar travertine in our bathroom, it is pretty. I wish we had a fireplace now.... silly townhome.

  7. I love doing projects with my husband. Your fireplace looks great!

  8. I have several of the same glass frames throughout my house that you have the picture of the tree in! I love that style with the glass border along a picture, and we have received several compliments about them. =)

  9. Just came across your blog, and I LOVE it. Tahoe? I have family there! Gorgeous!

  10. You are the WOMAN! If I tried to tile, it would be a disaster! Love the mantel just the way it is ... And I want that print! Well with our wedding date on it! :)

    Happy Thursday! xo!

    Lauren @ tickled.

  11. Wowww! You all did an amazing job! Love how you arranged the mantle, too.

  12. Oh my gosh!! It's stunning, girl! Such an improvement (: Love your mantel, too. The candles are pretty!

  13. Beautiful!! I love how elegant it looks with the candles and glass frame. That print is so sweet! Awesome job on the tiling!!

  14. I love the tree print! My one year wedding anniversary is coming up and I have been looking for something to do with the whole paper theme...this would be perfect!

    Katelyn Miller