Jewelry on Display

Wearing jewelry is really only half the fun of owning it...displaying it should be fun too!  Jewelery is so beautiful and it should be seen...not stuffed away in a drawer or box.  Here's how I display mine:

Just outside our bathroom, I have this little dresser that has become my place for some of my jewelry and perfume.  It's my last "stop" in the morning before heading out to work!

My dear and beautiful friend made me this jewelry tree!  What a great idea huh?  She took a pot and filled it with fine sand and added tons of branches for all my necklaces, bracelets, and earrings to hang from.  Hers jewelry tree is even more magnificent!  I'll have to have her post a tutorial sometime soon...
And below the tree, I keep my two watches in a little clay bowl that was also a great gift...from a craft fair.  It keeps them together and adds a nice touch.

I love this jewelry box and believe it or not, I got it at Pottery Barn!  It even has a little key to lock the top portion.  I didn't really "display" the jewelery here (trying to keep it real!) but you can see my wedding jewelery on the left (last seen here) and some keepsakes in the other compartments.

I like to display my perfume in some sort of fashion...this plate is actually a glass candle holder.  And if you look hard enough, there is a glass elephant figurine up front.  The raised trunk means "good luck!"

Last, I like to keep my little earring studs and rings in this silver bowl.  It makes it much easier to keep track of both pairs of earrings and I always know where my wedding rings are.

So how do you store your jewelry?  I love hearing new ideas!

xo natasha

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  1. I love the idea of having a little jewelry/perfume stop on your way out the door. You've displayed everything beautifully, that tree is amazing!

  2. I love that tree! You definetly need a tutorial for making one.

  3. That is such a great way to display jewelry! Love it!

  4. dying over that jewelry tree! I want one---but I know our kitties would attack it ;) I have one of those ceramic hand things for my rings and some very not cute plastic containers which go in a drawer for my other jewelry. One day, my presentation will look half as cute as yours.

    Happy almost Friday--make sure to stop by for Friday's Fancies tomorrow! I'd love to have you play along too :) xoxo {av}

  5. I LOVE this! Mine is in a closet and not out and about at all. Hmmm. Might be rethinking this.

  6. I love the tree. Such a great idea. I may have to try it myself.

  7. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! Your set-up is really beautiful. Everything looks pristine. I want mine to look that way!

  8. I love your jewelry tree and this space looks so inviting - I would want to put jewelry and perfume on all day! :)

  9. i love the idea of that little "tree," v cute! xoxo jcd
    cornflake dreams

  10. Such a pretty display! By the way, how GOOD is "The Help?" I read it a couple of months ago and loved it!

  11. Love your jewelry display! The tree is such a neat idea! Oh and I love, love your mirror!!

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