A Limbo Story

While in Austin, we perused the shops at South Congress.  There were a ton of cute and funky boutiques, musicians, food trailers, and artists.  I was particularly drawn to one of the jewelery booths we stopped by--there was a beautiful array of modern, yet simple, jewelry.  The jewelers are a married team, Edson and Anne, and they were so lovely!  Their label is called LimboAll of their jewelery is handmade and and has an "organic" feel to it.  I wanted to take home one of everything...but settled on these beauties:

I bought the gold filled "lotus" earrings and love how little and dainty they are.  Unfortunately I had to wear them out that night and lost one (insert BIG frown face here!)!!!  I was such a dummy for not wearing the little rubber stoppers in the back...shame on me!  So I forced had poor hubby by me a second pair...online!  They're on their way and I vow to NEVER wear them again without the stoppers!  I'll take a picture once I get them in!

Some other pieces that I am loving right now:

I love this ring with the hammered look...it looks really neat on too!

This lotus necklace looks similar to my earrings, but I love that it has the silver and gold mixed.

The chain is a cool concept!

And for something more retro...the stacked square bracelets!

I love when I find new types of handmade jewelery.  It's fun to know that you're buying something that is special and not many others will have.  What do you love that is handmade?  There are a lot of great items out there right now!

Be sure to stop by their online Limbo Jewlery store and check out their selection!

xo natasha


  1. Lovely pieces! The stacked bracelet is incredible!

    Do pop by our boutique, I am sure you will find something to entice you as all our designers are sourced from around the Med; so great to consider for the warmer months ;-)

  2. The stacked square bracelets are so different...I love them!

  3. Fabulous jewelry, um yes please! Those are so fun and simple...I'm all about those first earrings...*love*

  4. those look so cool - thanks for sharing!

  5. Their pieces are beautiful! Even though they are simple, there is still something very unique about it all. I can't quite explain it. Love the earrings! I'm sure you won't lose them this time ;)

  6. these are GREAT pieces! LOVE the lines and shape! Just found your blog and it's wonderful! :)

  7. Loving the ring and the stacked bracelets!! and Loving Ryan once again for being such a sweetie!