I love ruffles.  I love how girlie they are and I love the texture they bring to an outfit or room.  Heck, I love them so much, I even had them incorporated in my wedding.  Here are some ruffled inspirations:





{ok I know this also cake, but I couldn't resist!}

pillows & duvet
{both are achievable with the right balance}


shower curtain

{or grown up tutu}

wedding party


 All above images via here.

And below are some images from our wedding...

Photos by Albert of Mulberry

Don't you just love them?  I clearly have a little obsession!  And I think they transcend age...ruffles are youthful yet ethereal.  Have you incorporated ruffles into your style lately?  I'd love to see!

xo natasha


  1. I love ruffles! I need a ruffled skirt!

  2. so gorgeous :) I am a ruffle lover, specifically tutus!

    And it really is a small world! How fun is it that you know a "designer" now :) Put in a good word for me, her stuff is awesome :)

  3. love that "youthful yet ethereal" nicely put I totally agree! Gorgeous photos thanks for the ruffle inspiration I am in need of a little "pretty-fying" in my home right now! xoxo

  4. Your wedding dress still takes my breath away - you were the most stunning bride with the most serene backdrop!! I am loving your "ruffles" spread - great inspiration on how to incorporate! LYMI.

  5. Hi Natasha! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Now I am glad to have found yours :) I am addicted to ruffles. Love them in every, home, and even food now! haha Those duvets are to die for. I have a ruched one that's similar that I just love, and I also have a ruffled bedskirt.

  6. I just looked at this post right before bed and now I want cake with ruffles! Everything is so darn cute (: Ruffles, lace, flowers and bows are my fav (:

  7. so many great photos! i love the pink cake, shower curtain and the first bedspread. so pretty and girly. happy friday! xoxo jcd

  8. I love carnations! And the skirt and pink cake are so pretty! Have a lovely weekend!x

  9. This is wayy too funny! I just wrote a post today on ruffles. I feel like where I go they seem to be everywhere!

  10. Oh, I love that ruffle cake! I need to try that soon. And your wedding pictures are gorgeous! Every piece of clothing I buy lately has ruffles on it - unfortunately I think I need to stop buying things with ruffles because everything is looking the same!

  11. that's some really nice collection of ruffles! who don't love them!

  12. love the ruffle images they do look very ethereal and youthful and I LOVE your wedding pictures - GORGEOUS!

  13. That cake is incredible! Every girl loves some ruffles :) I love the dresses. Reminds me of J Crews line!

  14. Hey! I am your newest follower! I love your blog it is so adorable! Please check out mine

  15. Wow, so many pretty things! There are some gorgeous ruffle pillows at Pier 1... I've been wanting some for awhile! And by the way- your wedding photos are INSANELY gorgeous!!

  16. I love ruffles, too! And your glad you found STP.

  17. I love ruffles too...I dont know how I ended it seeing your blog..and im so glad I did..your newest follower
    Rasha@ mychampagnetaste