Friday Fancies::Tunic Love

Happy Friday Lovelies!

This weekend I have my mom and grandma in town to visit!  The last time they saw our house since it was torn down to the studs, so it's been fun showing them the improvements and introducing them to Wilson!  :)  We'll plan on getting together with Hubby's family and showing them around Tahoe.

Tunic Dress Style

Since we're having a low-key weekend, I thought I would follow suit from last week and show you another trend I'm loving...and would actually wear.  The Tunic.

  1. The Day Birger et Mikkelsen tunic {$280} is a total swoon-worthy item!  I love the gray chiffon and could see wearing this a dozen different ways...with heels, gladiator sandals, boots and leggings...oh the possibilities!
  2. This taupe shoulder bag by Vince Camuto {$228} is super versatile and would go great with any variation of grey, taupe, brown, black, etc.  I could definitely see owning this bag...and getting a lot of use out of it! 
  3. I absolutely adore these Kate Spade chandelier earrings {$98}.  It's called black diamond, but I think they compliment well as a taupe color.
  4. Always a sucker for pretty sunglasses...this Gucci pair is a divine.
  5. These Mark & James {$275} heels are definitely on my immediate wish list.  Love the gladiator feel and gold embellishments.
  6.  I am obsessed with this gorgeous quartz Marie-Hélène de Taillac cocktail ring {$2,405}!  However at this price, I'll be admiring from afar.  
And look what {av} did for me!
Super cute right?!  Love her!  Be sure to click over and check out all the other Friday Fancy looks.

So tell me...what do you think of tunics?  Do you wear then...and if so, how?

Hope you have a great weekend!

xo natasha

P.S. Thanks to everyone for linking up yesterday!  You can link up all weekend, so feel free to showcase your fall loves and inspiration.  There are two more weeks left so look for the next Fall 5 Series next Thursday!  :)


  1. Oh, I am liking the Friday Fancy banner! Perfect!

    I was actually looking at tunics yesterday. I want to grab some for Fall. Fall in Florida we cant get anything too heavy so they are normally perfect.

    Hope you have a blast with your mom and grandma :)

  2. Love your pieces! The jewelry & that bag are gorgeous!

  3. gorgey! I love it all. and yes, that ring is to die for! wish I could buy that right now!

  4. Love your pictures and hope you have a wonderful time with your family this weekend!

  5. The ring and the earrings are awesome. Always great choices!

  6. ohhh love that tunic!!! Looking forward to seeing your house photos!

  7. So cute. And love those shoes. Can't wait to see more photos. Have a wonderful visit with your family, friend!

  8. Oh the way that tunic drapes is so pretty...I'm also very positive that it wouldn't drape that way on *me*, but who cares? It's fabulous! Have a fantastic visit with the fam!

  9. Love this tunic! The colors are so gorgeous together

  10. that ring is to die for! love this look. have a fantastic weekend!

  11. What a great look! My youngest would love that ring (she's a ring kinda gal). Have a wonderful weekend with family!!

  12. That is totally my style - all of it, except the temperature has dropped here (NY) - to the 60s so I'm thinking next year,even if not a trend - I tend not to follow them too much :)

  13. I love the look and the idea of tunics but when I put them on, I seldom wear them. I think if accessorized right, I could pull it off but I need to make sure to belt it or I feel like I'm in a bag. Love the look you pulled together, that purse needs to be mine! ;)

  14. Loving the outfit! Especially that fab ring!

    Happy Weekend and have fun with the fam :)

  15. I scoped out some tunics this weekend! Love them! I hope you and your family had a great time this weekend!

  16. Aw I hope you had fun this weekend! That outfit is great. I do love tunics :)

  17. Ok I am obsessed with that tunic. Simply gorgeous. I love a tunic/caftan they are perfect for "fat days."