Fall 5::Michaela Noelle Designs

Happy September and welcome to my very first guest series!

I am super excited to feature 5 guest bloggers over the next 5 Thursdays...and it's all about 5 fall favorites!  I am thrilled to have Michaela from Michaela Noelle Designs kick off this series.  As many of you know, we've become good friends since I came into the blog world and I am very grateful for all her help, encouragement and insight!  She has an adorable blog that you all must visit..she covers everything from design, fashion, and tutorials/tips.  Please give a warm welcome to Michaela!


Well hello to Natasha's readers! I'm Michaela from Michaela Noelle Designs and I'm so excited to be over at Schue Love today dishing on things I'm falling for (; Natasha and I are real life pals, so I can vouch and say she really is as beautiful, kind and fun as she seems on her blog! Here's us at our lunch date last week...

Alrighty, let's get to it. Five things I'm loving for Fall:

1. Fall Fashions.  A few things on my wish list are a cute blazer that can be worn with tops and dresses, as well as some cozy yet sophisticated long sleeve tops (& of course the skirt would do, too!) The darker, more richly saturated colors, along with the girly details seen in lace, bows, and blousy tops are all making me smile.

J. Crew
2. Colors!  Dontcha love when you start to see the leaves change color? From that vibrant yellow to the darker burnt orange...ahh, you just know it's Autumn. It's not just the leaves that change, though! It's also time to think about changing your nail polish color from bright and summery to deeper colors of the season. I just took the plunge into one of my fall go-to's and painted my toes a dark lavender. I thought it was a good transition color (:

3. Mercury Glass.  Who else is loving this finish?? I love me some metallic in a room, so anything mercury glass...I'm sold.

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn

4. Shoes. As a California girl, I love my sandals and wedges, but if I have to trade those for the winter, you'll find me in cute ballet flats or my cowgirl boots.
Wish List:
Tory Burch

5. Chalkboard Paint. Clearly, we all love chalkboard paint! After Natasha and I's date last week, I headed to the craft store to "browse". Well, after nearly screaming of joy at the spotting of Martha Stewart's new chalkboard paint (in different colors!) I knew I needed to find something to paint. Fast.
I came up with this inexpensive little DIY:

mason jar, MS chalkboard paint, brush, chalk and PATIENCE! (:

 Wash and dry the mason jar, then paint one coat of paint on the jar.

Let it dry and wait an HOUR, then paint the second coat. Wait a whole 24 hours, then use chalk to embellish!

Desk supply holder:

Or a cute vase: 

Of course there's a lot more things I'm excited for come Fall, but 5 will have to do today! Thanks for having me in your neck of woods, Natasha (:


Isn't she adorable?!  I love all 5 fall things, especially the DIY chalkboard vase!  Reminds me of school starting in the fall and such a cute idea for pencils or flowers.  Thanks so much for being here today!  

Now for the fun part...I got so much great feedback and inspiration yesterday, I thought...hey!  Maybe I should allow all of you to show off your fall inspiration, whether it be a "Fall 5" post specifically or your favorite fall inspiration in general.  Feel free to use my little "Fall 5" button and link up...or showcase a previous autumn-inspired post!  I'll be running this series over the next 5 Thursdays...so if you miss today, plan for the next one.  I'd LOVE to see what you've all been dreaming up for fall!

xo natasha


  1. the chalkboard paint is genius!!

  2. great list! i love the mercury glass lamps and the chalkboard paint!! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  3. Yay, so excited for this fun series!! Happy September! xo

  4. Love your boots! I'm very into boots too! They make fall worth waiting for!

  5. The transition from summer to fall is way too traumatic for me! But once I accept the fact that summer is over, I love the fall colours and the crisp air and wearing warm & cozy clothes. Except that also means going back to wearing socks, which I can never find because my Black Lab is constantly stealing them!

    I like everything on Michaela's top 5 list, especially the mercury glass and those cowboy boots :-) The mason jar is cute too :-)

  6. M is always adorably fabulous...I'm jealous of your friend rendezvous and I already informed her that I'm inviting myself to your next one (c: Ha! I love her pics, she is always so freakin' cute I just want to pinch her cute little cheeks! (c:

  7. Ah that mason jar idea is too sweet!

  8. Great post! Love the chalkboard paint. I really need to try that out!

  9. Great series! I will try to remember to link up. I am all for Tory Burch flats! That chalkboard paint is too cool.

  10. love these...especially the mercury glass (so elegant!) and of course the chalkboard paint! Xo, Katie

  11. Thanks for having me, darling. So fun to put it together! love you xo

  12. I think I need to go run and get some of that chalkboard paint STAT! I didnt' know she sold it! Hoorah!

    And those cowboy boots are awesome, as is the fashion bits!

  13. I love the mercury glass! I had no idea that's what it was called... you learn something in the blog world every day!

  14. michaela nails it on the head every time....love that girl! so glam.

    and that blue pedi is to die for!

    im so excited for this series - great idea!

  15. What a fun post! I am so jealous that you guys got to meet up. Looks like you had a great lunch.

    I am loving all of Michaela's fall inspirations. I am loving that Nordstroms blazer especially.

  16. I'm so glad that you are hosting this. I love fall and everything that goes with it. Can't wait to see all of the inspirations over the next few weeks.

  17. Love this idea for a series/linky party. I will have to find some fun fall inspiration to link up next week. Michaela is so fun, love her chalkboard paint idea.

  18. I missed this yesterday! This is so up my alley- definitely linking up next week :)

  19. Love this!

    I linked up my post about 'An early Fall' ;)


  20. Great guest post! :)


  21. I have mercury pumpkins almost identical to those PB ones I arrange with straw and dark wood ones, its very pretty in the fall season!

  22. You both are SO pretty!! That vase idea is great.