Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Asparagus & Proscuitto Pizza

Thank you to everyone who chimed in yesterday on what color we should go for...as always, you're all a BIG help and I'll keep you posted on the direction we go!  :)

Now onto Tasty Tuesday...

I recently acquired a taste for proscuitto...which is odd, because I'm not really a fan of red meat...especially pork.  I blame it on our weekend away in Sonoma...I had thinly sliced proscuitto with bread dipped in olive oil and I was hooked.  I can't explain it...maybe because it's paper thin, or because it's salty & savory, like a good cheese...I don't know!  But I definitely love it.

I also happen to love asparagus...and am always looking for new ways to enjoy it.  So...you've all heard of proscuitto wrapped asparagus...what about asparagus & proscuitto pizza?!  I have to say...it was a very happy marriage.  The combination of the proscuitto with asparagus...along with the melty cheese and bite of scallion was pure perfection.  You really need to try this ASAP!

I found the basis of this recipe through Deb at  Smitten Kitchen.  I really cannot give the recipe justice the way she did, so will not share it here, but instead encourage you to stop by to get the scoop!  She's witty and thorough...you'll love her.

She teaches you how to peel asparagus, which is a delicious way to prepare this veggie.  Even after grilling the pizza, you still get a crunch when you bite in.

She suggests adding lemon and pinch of red pepper flakes, which we happily obliged.  We also grilled the pizza, per her advice.  The only difference was that we used a pre-made pizza dough and added the proscuitto.

This will definitely be a regular favorite of ours...so yummy!!

What do you think of proscuitto?  Are you a fan?

Hope you enjoy!  Bon Appetit!

xo natasha


  1. YES PLEASE is what I say to this delicious meal!

  2. I'm not a huge fan of proscuitto but every now and then I like it! This looks so yummy!

  3. Love it! And this looks divine!!!

  4. I'm a huge fan of prosciutto! So delish. This looks amazing! :)

  5. I will definitely have to try this! We are huge homemade pizza fans. I got hooked on prosciutto after our trip to Italy!!

  6. Girl, this might be one of my favorite recipes yet. Asparagus and proscuitto are two of my favs! I am obssessed with smitten kitchen, her recipes are always amazing!

  7. All of my favorites in one pizza! I have to try!

  8. This looks delicious! I love anything with proscuitto!

  9. I think prosciutto is so yummy and I favor it over bacon. However I don't like the price of it! :)

  10. This looks amazing! Pizza is amazing, endless possibilities!

  11. I have no clue why you dont appear in my blogger reader. It is really annoying me because I miss some of your posts. Not ok with me.

    But anyways, I am not a fan of asparagus or proscuitto however this looks so good. You always have the most yummy looking recipies. Make a cook book already will ya :)

    Now, onto the hutch. Ummmm I love both and have been dying to paint a piece a furniture for a while now. I am scared for some crazy reason. Cant wait to see how yours turns out. I would like to pain our kitchen cabinets too but the hubs is a no go on that one too. Oh well I tired. Good luck with your paint job.

    Hope you are having a great week Natasha!:) Tomorrow is Wednesday woohoo!

  12. The way you all eat is so unfair. I need that to rub off on me. So gourmet. Super yummy. Two of my favorites on pizza. . . doesn't get any better.

  13. That asparagus looks incredible on that pizza! What an interesting combo!

    PS - come enter my giveaway!

  14. Ohhhh yum!! Want! Now!


  15. I don't eat meat but this pizza looks so good! In fact, the proscuitto almost looks like onions so that'd be a great substitute! :)

  16. I am the biggest fan of prosciutto. Its like bacon I want it on everything! Its my favorite on pizza and wrapped around melon.

  17. Looks delicious Natasha! I'm not a huge pork eater either but I definitely love prosciutto. Smitten Kitchen never disappoints!


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