Workout Wednesday + A Peloton Plug

Have you heard of Peloton Cycle? If you haven't, you must be hiding under a rock, because I literally see marketing for it everywhere {or maybe it's because I work in marketing?} but either way, they are totally dominating the spin/cycle market at the moment. What is it? A spin bike, where you can take live classes from home or on demand. Genius right!? Especially for us mamas! may be asking yourself...OMG, did Natasha buy a Peloton bike? And the answer is, no...not yet at least. But I DO use the app, which is just $14 per month and you have access to all the same live or on-demand classes. I bought a inexpensive bike on Amazon and airplay the classes on my TV. It's awesome!

My friend has the actual bike and loves it! She loves tracking her progress along with the class and especially loves the motivation it gives her. I think a bike may be in my future, but for now, the app is a great alternative! I ride 4-5 times a week with Peloton and then I try to go into the gym for in-person spin classes. My favorite instructors are Cody, Alex, Ali and Robin.

Have you heard of Peloton...or have a bike?! I would love to know what you think!

PS...this is not a sponsored post in anyway...just spreading the workout love!

xo natasha


  1. Hey girl,
    You or someone else shared the second pair of the leggings above and I LOVE but I won't spend $95 or $156 (!!) Canadian for leggings I've never tried on, much less are almost $200 after taxes. Love em but I'm such a Lululemon gal, and while their prices are not cheap either, I've been wearing them for over ten plus years and they withstand a beating and time, so long as you properly care for them.

    I've not heard of this new trendy spin studio, heck were JUST getting a Soul Cycle (I'm in Toronto). The concept is great. :)

    Have a great day hun!

  2. I have seen the marketing for this recently, but thought I was just noticing it because I joined a fitness studio/gym that does offers cycling and HIIT style classes. I don't think think I'd ever take the plunge for a bike, but I love the idea of spinning along at home and not having figure out a workout on your own. Also love those two open back tanks! Now that we live in a warmer climate I'm looking for cuter heat gear clothes.

  3. I love the black sneakers.

  4. My sister has had the bike for over a year now and loves it. On another note, it's funny you posted that tank because I just bought it in grey and love it. Actually I love GapFit tanks. They are super affordable, always on sale and decent quality. I say save on tanks and invest on leggings and sports bras. You actually would probably love the Nike sports bra I just got too!

  5. I received the Peloton bike as a Christmas (and the next ten birthdays and Christmases -haha) gift from my hubby this past year. All I can say is - AWESOME. As a long time spinner and past instructor, I've experienced many bikes. This one is top notch. I have it in our basement/playroom and having the ability to get an awesome workout in while my babes are playing across the room is priceless. Considering I was driving 15 miles each way 3-4X per week to attend a spin class at the gym, this was totally worth it for me.

    1. What a fabulous gift!! Love hearing how much you enjoy having it--I definitely am saving up for one! ;)