Girls' Weekend in Palm Springs

I had the most WONDERFUL time this past weekend with my best friends from high school! I've known some of these girls since I was in elementary school and at the least, we've all known each other for 18 years, so it's safe to say we all know each other extremely well. We've seen each other through the very best and very worst of times...through college, careers, relationships, weddings, children and some of us moving out of the area. I love these girls like my sisters and could not have asked for a more relaxing, FUNNY, and fun weekend in Palm Springs!

Our first night in town, we went to started out at El Jefe for yummy margs and apps...the restaurant is located inside the Saguaro Hotel and it's SO fun and funky! We then headed to Birba for the most delicious pizzas and gorgeous outdoor patio setting. After that, well...we headed to Hunters, and let's just say, my Snaps were full of our crazy dance moves, amongst other things! ;)

We are extremely lucky that one of my friends has a family home in this gorgeous development called Smoke Tree Ranch {Walt Disney used to have a home here}. The houses are all sprawling ranches and having grown up going here, it just feels like home! Not to mention that gorgeous view!

Brunch the next day kicked off with honey vanilla lattes from Koffi and then mimosas and avo toast from King's Highway, which is located inside the Ace Hotel. Have you ever seen a more stunning display of toast before?!

I was SO happy because my fabulous brother, Bobby, was able to join us for brunch and some poolside cocktails...he lives in Palm Springs now and we had so much fun learning about all the fun things going on in the desert.

We clearly don't miss an opportunity for a group photo...! 😆

My MOH! 

We spent the rest of our trip, sipping fresh squeezed margaritas poolside...with tangelos picked straight from the property! We reminisced over old photos and our diaries...we were crying we were laughing so hard!

I would only do this for them! ;)

Last, I could not leave without trying the s'more shake from Great was BEYOND anything I've ever had before! And do you see that mini donut? Definitely 1000% worth the stop!

 I'll leave you with this last friends are beyond fabi!!

xo natasha


  1. What a fun weekend, and such a blessing to have so many wonderful lifelong friends. Love Palm Springs by the way!

  2. What a fun weekend!! So jealous! I have never been to Palm Springs it looks like the perfect spot for a girls weekend.

    The Sarcastic Blonde

  3. Looks like a wonderful weekend with friends!

  4. I LOOOOOOVE that Great Shakes place! So, so, so good! We went there last time I was there with my parents and plan to go again when we go in May! Obsessed!

  5. What gorgeous pics - you can see the fun and laughter shining through!! Nothing better for the soul than an AB FAB weekend away x