Backyard Bounce House Party

We're celebrating Ethan's FOUR year old birthday party tomorrow and I wanted to do something fun in our backyard, since I figure we will likely start to do beach parties in the future.  I thought Ethan and his buddies would really enjoy a bounce house and since we have the space, I thought...why not?  You only turn four once, right?!  ;)

We ordered the sweetest invitations from Minted, which really helped to set the tone with the fun colors!  I went ahead and ordered a mini ball pit for Wyatt and his can order additional balls here.  And to round out the theme, I ordered those mini bouncey balls and candy buttons as party favors {I figured they were safer than gum balls!}.

For attire, I love this colorful t-shirt and star shorts...and since everyone will be completely worn out and ready for bed post-party, these weenie dog pajamas are the perfect fit!

Last...the food!  I found these darling hot dog wrappers and accessories on Amazon and we plan to serve hot dogs and then have the neighborhood ice cream truck stop by...I cannot wait for Ethan to see it!

I hope Ethan loves sure to follow along on Instagram and Snapchat {schuelove} to see the party unfold!

xo natasha


  1. Love those HA pajamas - the best! A HA store just opened near me so just one more reason (on a list of many!) to come visit me!! xoxo

  2. We had a bounce house for Elin's 4th birthday last May and it was the best thing ever! All the kids loved it!

  3. Happy Birthday to Ethan! It seems like just yesterday you had him. I remember following along when you were pregnant and so excited for you. Time flies! I hope he had a fabulous party Natasha!

  4. Too cute! I know it was adorable! I can't believe our boys are FOUR?!?!?! Crazy! Happy Birthday, Ethan!