My Picks for the #NSALE + What I Bought

The sale is finally open ton the public and I'm thrilled that Norstrom has restocked many of the items that I had on my wish list!  So far I've bought the leggings, OTK boots, this blouse, and this blouse {both of which will go from work to weekend}...but I'm keeping my eye on some designer denim and some of the other items I have listed above.

Have you shopped the sale yet?

I hope you're having a great weekend!

xo natasha


  1. I have a feeling I will be wearing a lot of leggings this winter post baby #2 so I may have to snag those SPANX ones you got!

  2. I orfered that hat in the cognac color! Hoping it looks just as cute in person. I wanted aaaall the shoes but settled on some pairs of hanky pankys ;)

  3. Great picks! I was so bummed that the booties i wanted were sold out when the sale opened to the public :(