Birthday Gift Exchange

Ethan is finally at the age where he really enjoys special occasions...probably because he thoroughly enjoys the art of opening gifts!  ;)  So naturally, when we were invited to be part of a gift exchange, we didn't hesitate to participate!

Ethan received a gift from the adorable Maddie of Just Another Day in Paradise and was super excited to open it!

Ethan loves jelly snacks so this was definitely a good start!

Ethan also loves anything and everything tractors, so this Chug, Chug Tractor book was a big hit!  Ethan especially loved the sounds when he opened a flap to reveal a surprise.

Finally, since we saw Finding Dory on Ethan's birthday, it only seemed appropriate that we were gifted this adorable Finding Dory watercolor book set...Ethan loves it!

Thanks so much to Maddie {and Charlie!} for our gift!  And a special thanks to Liz for setting this up!  To see the rest of the gift exchange {and get some fun gift ideas!}, check out the rest of the participants below:

Ashley and Waverly // Being Brickner
Elizabeth and Mason // Chasin' Mason
Laureen and Tyson // Chateau Deveau
Brittany, Charlie, and Maddie // Just Another Day in Paradise
Desiree and Julia // Macke Monologues
Natasha and Ethan // Schue Love
Sarah and Brantley // Seeing All Sides
Vanessa and Arden // Sunflower State of Mind
Julia and Myles // The Everyday Momma
Traci and Charli // The Hallway Life
Amanda and Lily // Tickled Pink
Laura and Liam // tiny toes, little nose
Whitney and Brielana // Work It Mommy

xo natasha


  1. We love special occasions around here too! 4 is definitely an age where my son now understands birthdays mean presents and he MUST open them now! Loving these exchanges to meet new moms!

  2. Thank you Natasha and Ethan! Brielana adores her books and Aladdin and Jasmine little people :)

  3. What a nice gift! I have never see that book before -- it looks like a good one! Happy birthday Ethan!

  4. I need to squeeze him. Just so darn cute. And darling gift ideas. Love the fruit snacks ;)

  5. That book is so cute! Mason would love that too. So glad Ethan loved all his gifts and that you guys were able to participate in the exchange! Happy Birthday buddy!

  6. Ooh that book is adorable and Noah would love that watercolor Dory book! Great gift!

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  8. What a clever idea!! And yay for gorgeous presents! x