Friday Finds

If you follow e Snapchat {schuelove} then you may have seen me post about this rosé in a's actually really good and it is two glasses per can!  The sparkling wine is tasty too!

I've got my eyes on these wooden flatforms!

Have you heard of Colleen Rothschild before?  I was recently introduced and love her products so much!  I tend to have fairly oily skin and all through my twenties, used products that would dry my skin up.  Well this only caused my skin to work in overdrive and produce MORE oil!  It's definitely counter-intuitive but using a great face oil helps my skin relax and become more radiant.  I really love her Face Oil No smells great and loves my skin super luminous.  I also love her cleansing's like getting a mini facial!

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I've got this little striped dress in my shopping cart!

Last, have you tried the new Fruity Crisp Oreos?!  I just bought them...the inner kid in me is VERY excited!  ;)

Happy Friday and First Day of July!!

xo natasha


  1. Rose in a can? I think my head just exploded!!! :)

  2. Rose in a can?! Absolutely yes. The beach is calling my name with those beauties!