Our Thanksgiving 2015

We had a nice, low key Thanksgiving Weekend complete with a a snowy scene up here in Tahoe.  It was Wyatt's first Thanksgiving--and our first Thanksgiving as a family of four!  We got to spend it with Ryan's family {including Ethan's cuzzies pictured above!} and had two full days of stuffing ourselves silly!  The best part of being in town for Thanksgiving?  We got our tree up and decorated the same weekend!  Hooray!

And now, of course, it's perfectly acceptable to play Christmas music non-stop, light Christmas candles and bake lots of cookies!  :)

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

xo natasha 


  1. So much fun! Love all the snow and the laid-back-ness ;) our kinda style.

  2. aww the snow is so pretty!!! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. YAY! On the plane back from CO I told Nick i didn't know how long I'm up for traveling for both Holidays... Might have to start a new tradition. ;)

  4. What a beautiful family! Your photos are so sweet. Looks like a wonderful holiday weekend.