Gift Guide // For Toddler

And by toddler, I mainly mean toddler boy, because, hey--that's what I know!

Lego Duplos: Ethan is obsessed with duplos and would actually just prefer the a block set, but this firetruck crane set is pretty cute too!

Buzz Lightyear: This Buzz is legit--and expensive!  There is one on Amazon for less, but the reviews are all over the place.  Either way, Ethan is obsessed with Toy Story and has been requesting a Buzz Lightyear {and Woody too!} ever since we got into the movies.  Another idea is the Minions movie...which we just got and Ethan loves!

Ok to Wake! Alarm Clock:  Ethan's internal clock has been off ever since daylight savings time.  I've heard great things about this alarm clock, which turns colors when it's time to wake up and also serves as a nightlight.  And hey, if it keeps us from having an super early riser in the morning, I am all about that!

View Master: Do you remember these things?  Ethan has one at school that he loves.

Anywhere Chair: I bet Ethan would love to have his own little spot to watch movies and read!  And it can be personalized!

Garbage Truck: Bruder makes the best trucks...they're super realistic and big!  Several of Ethan's buddies have this garbage truck and Ethan has been eying it for some time.

Play Toaster: Something to add to Ethan's growing kitchen collection.

Dragons Love Tacos Book: When in doubt, we can never go wrong with books.  This one looks super cute!

What's on your toddler's wish list this year?

And in case you missed it, you can check out baby's gift guide here.

xo natasha


  1. My little guy is OBSESSED with garbage trucks! Thanks for the post, I've been searching for the perfect one to get him :)

  2. Noah loves the bruder trucks too! And we love that toaster and Duplos!!! Great list!

  3. We have the Anywhere Chair in gray and Emerson already loves it!

  4. Cam is STILL not potty-trained, so we've promised Buzz, when he finally is. That View Master brings back so many memories...I bet Cam would love it!! We have an Anywhere Chair for both kiddos, and they're amazing...they're my go-to gift for my best friends' kids! Have you seen Chris Van Dusen books? They are SO GOOD. I bet Ethan would love them!! Thanks for sharing this list!! So many great things!

  5. ahhh those view masters were so fun! xo jillian - cornflake dreams