Happy 11 Months Wyatt!

11 months...how can that be?  This time last year, we were in the midst of the holidays and anticipating Wyatt's sweet arrival the next month.  And now, he's here and less of an infant and much more of a toddling baby.  I am trying to take it all in---I just love the stage where they're mobile, but still so snuggly.  He's still a baby, but will soon be a toddler.  Wah!  Slow down time!

Wyatt's little personality is emerging more by the day.  He's very in touch with his surroundings and is starting to develop the art of the younger brother role.  He wants everything that Ethan wants and will be very dramatic when he doesn't get his way.  He will also cry incessantly when Ethan is crying...to show his empathy skills, perhaps?  Ethan can be SO sweet with Wyatt and he can also be such a punk too.  We will often find Wyatt screaming crying since Ethan pushed him over or took a toy of his.  Ugh, brothers.

Wyatt can be pretty easy going, but also very high maintenance!  He loves to be held, but other times he'll roam the house with ease.  He's pulling up on everything and starting to show signs of cruising.  I bet he'll walk in the next two months or so, which is about the time that Ethan started to walk.  He babbles constantly and says "Da Da" pretty easily, though no mama yet.

He's very attached to both me and Ryan and doesn't like to be passed off--he's definitely got a heavy dose of stranger danger at the moment.

Wyatt's getting into 12 months jammies but wears 6-12 in most everything else.  He's in size 3 diapers and I swear his little feet fit into 0-3 shoes...just like his brother!

Other milestones include:

Crawling and has rug burns on the top of his feet to prove it
Pulling up on everything--including his crib
Ate pancakes and spaghetti for the first time this past month
Says "Da Da"--first word
Can take a couple steps with his push toy
Loves cheerios
Cut his top left front tooth and the other one is on his own
Spent his first pre-Christmas in Orange County with my family
Can wave, point and high five.  Still working on clapping

xo natasha

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