Gift Guide // For Her

And by "her", I mean me!  :)  With Christmas and my birthday coming up, I had to put my thinking cap on  as to what I would love for myself...and hopefully inspire some of your wish lists too!

S'well Water Bottle: Well, these things are everywhere and I mean everywhere right now!  I think they even sell them at Starbucks.  So naturally, I must have one!  ;)

Valentino Sunglasses: My bestie has these and I love them!  So funky and cool!

Ear Crawlers: So festive and fun for this time of year!

New Coffee Mugs: My co-worker has these and they're the perfect size for morning coffee.  Yes please!

Tweezers: Good tweezers are hard to come by, and these are my tried and true favorites.  They're definitely in need of replacement!

Stella Perfume: I've had this fragrance on my list for years and another bestie was wearing it over the summer and I just can't seem to get my mind off it!  It smells so good!

Adult Coloring Book + Coloring Pencils: I've decided this is my most wanted gift this season, but it comes with a caveat: I want a glass of wine and some alone time to go along with this gift!  Ha!  I've heard it's really relaxing...sign me up!

Truffle Pouch: A great way to keep your things together, whether it's your purse, beach bag or diaper bag.  Plus, they're cute!

So, what do you have on your wish list this year?!

xo natasha


  1. Stella is my go-to perfume! I need to look into Truffle Pouches.

  2. I totally have an adult coloring book on my wishlist!

  3. I really want an adult coloring book too!!! And yes those swell bottles are everywhere, as is the Yeti tumbler and I have neither. I would be so lost without other bloggers.

  4. I have the swell water bottle and love it. Have you tried Tweezerman tweezers? When they get dull you send them in to the company and they sharpen them for free for you. I got mine at Sephora