My Top 5 Office Chairs

We're in the middle of designing our new office {my office at work, that it} and I've been having so much fun looking at and picking out our new furniture.  I've come across some good options, so I wanted to be sure to share them them.  Whether it's your work office or home office--or perhaps you're looking to update your dining room chairs--these are all great options to consider.

I am in love with this chair, with its mid century legs and fun curves.  This chair comes in a set of 2 and a couple fun colors too!  Best part is, the price is just right!

Another favorite--the stripes are what gets me with this chair.

Target is just killing it with their clean, modern lines...this chair definitely hits the mark for me.

While not as comfortable, these are super modern, easy to clean, and stylish.  Perfect for the conference room.

If mid century is not your thing, you might love this comfy option.  I really like the clean lines.

Do you have a favorite?

xo natasha


  1. I have that saddle office chair from West Elm and absolutely love it!

  2. I love the one with the stripes, too! So cute!

  3. West Elm chair for sure! We are getting an office remodel too and it's so overdue! Can't wait!

  4. so many good chairs! i love the 3rd and 4th options! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. all beauties...did i happen to miss the winner of the minted giveaway?

  6. Oh, I love all of these! My office chair has to have wheels though. I move around way too much to have anything with straight legs. I love them all!