Happy 10 Months Wyatt!

10 months...as in double digits?!  I feel like I blinked and I have a 10 month old...I don't know where the time has gone!  Life with two boys just gets more fun by the day.  Wyatt is becoming more and more intrigued by his big brother...and all of his toys!  Ethan is pretty patient with him, and really loves to love on him most of the time.  I love to watch them interact and play and know that will only get more fun {and I'm sure challenging!} as time goes on!

One of my favorite milestones this past week is when Wyatt waves at us.  It's a full arm motion and he'll do it as he goes to bed, which is so sweet.  Another fun thing he does now is when he grabs for something he knows he's not supposed to have and I'll say, noooo Wyatt, and he'll just hand it over, all wide-eyed and totally aware.  He'll also cry we {or his brother} take something from him that he really likes--which is usually something of Ethan's.  Last, he's crawling this month, kind of.  He still prefers to army crawl and gets around pretty well with that mode of transportation.  

Wyatt is a distracted eater--he seems to prefer sweet potatoes, fruit and prunes...LOTS of prunes.  He also likes puffs.  We need to start experimenting with more food!

Wyatt loves bath time in the big tub, with his brother and he enjoys walks too.  He goes down pretty easily at night and usually sleeps through the night, which is awesome.  Ethan actually wakes up more than Wyatt and thankfully, Wyatt sleeps through most of the commotion.  If he does wake up, we hit him with a bottle and he'll go right back down.

Other milestones this past month include baby's first Halloween, another round of shots, and baby's first snow!


Throws his paci everywhere--out of his crib and his carseat.
Can hold his bottle on his own now.
Started to full-on crawl at 41 weeks
Can hand you an object and take it back
Official weigh in at 9 month appointment: 16.8 lbs, 27.5 inches long
Can pull up on us and other smaller objects...not his crib yet!
Claps his feet together
Does a downward dog with his head planted on the floor
Can wave in response to a wave at 42 weeks!
First Halloween
First snow

We're having so much fun and I just can't believe he'll already be a year in two short months.  Someone please slow it all down, ok??

xo natasha


  1. So cute! I can't believe how fast the time is flying by!

  2. Wow, does he ever look like Ethan! Super cute :)

  3. He is just the cutest - and looking just like big brother! x

  4. What a cutie! This year is flying by!

  5. he is so cute!! Vi does downward dog all the time and it is the cutest thing ever! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  6. Such a happy boy!!!! I LOVE it. I can just picture him waving as he is carried off to bed. Such darling boys, Natasha!