On the Hunt for the Perfect Christmas Stocking

Confession: This will be Ethan's fourth Christmas and he does not have his own stocking...

 :: audible gasp ::

I know...I know!  Terrible.  And now it's also Wyatt's first Christmas, so I really need to get it together and find them their Christmas stockings.

I had no problem finding and buying their Easter baskets {Pottery Barn is the only really option, IMO} but for some reason, this seems to be more of a special and permanent decision.

I actually had four coordinating stockings picked out at Pottery Barn Kids...

But of course, I waited to pull the trigger and a couple days later, they started a 20% off promo and all my choices flew off the shelves!  Womp womp!  I don't know if they re-stock for the season {fingers crossed}, but now I'm left scrambling to find a different option.

There are a couple requirements that I have for Christmas stockings:

1. They must be classic.  I want them to last the test of time and be their "forever" Christmas stockings over the years {lots of pressure, I know!}.

2. They must have their names on them.

3. Bigger is better, to stuff with lots of goodies, of course!

So, I ran across these gorgeous stockings at Garnet Hill...

But they are $108 PER STOCKING, which just seems insane to me.  Right?!

I also found these gorgeous stockings at Sundance...

But they can't be personalized and they're also a bit pricey, even though the proceeds go towards a good cause.

So you can see the real predicament that I'm in.  Sigh.  Do you have any shops that you just love for Christmas stockings?!  Please share!

And then the next item to tackle is matching Christmas jammies!  So far, I am pretty underwhelmed by the options out there!

I hope you have a great weekend!

xo natasha


  1. We love our PBK stockings. Ours are plain but still coordinate with the girls that have applique on them (angels). I know it's a bit kiddish, but for the Santa years they are perfect and look much classier than the Elsa options and what not they'll probably see at Target. As they grow into teens/adults, I hope it becomes a keepsake and token of their childhood and wonder of the holidays. (plus they are 20% off right now with free shipping!)

  2. Restoration Hardware Baby & Child! They meet all of your criteria and are on sale for just $24 right now - with personalization just $31!! Everything I've ever gotten from there has been excellent quality.

  3. Just make sure you get something that will be around a while if you think there could be a baby 3 down the road! PBK is pretty safe with having same styles year by year...but not the year we needed it! West Elm has a really cute knit one that has a hang tag with the name!

  4. I need to find some new ones for us, too, but they are all so dang expensive!!

  5. Oh my gosh, this is my life right now! I went online yesterday at PB to order ours and NOTHING! They have no selection now, during the sale!!! I was so bummed because I thought I was on top of my game, but apparently, I'm not! I hope they restock soon!

  6. These are our favorites:http://www.potterybarnkids.com/products/quilted-stockings/?pkey=cchristmas-all&&cchristmas-all

  7. Last year, when Henry was just born we had a stocking that said 'My First Christmas' and I told Cam that I wanted to learn to sew and I was going to make stockings for the three of us by next Christmas. #dreambig

    Yeah, that hasn't happened so I'm on the hunt for stockings too! :)

  8. Ballard Designs has great options and prices. You can usually find or wait for a coupon too. They might not be as "classic" as you are looking for, but they are worth a peak. I ordered 5 last year all personalized and they look great!

  9. i bought ours from pottery barn but they are sold out now :( xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  10. We love our Hable Christmas stockings from Garnet Hill http://www.garnethill.com/hable-christmas-stocking-collection/designers/hable-construction/13625.

  11. Those Sundance ones are beautiful. I bet you could find a local sewing shop that would recommend someone who could personalize them for you.

    1. Also, the names on these might be a sign! https://www.rhbabyandchild.com/catalog/product/product.jsp?productId=rhbc_prod482020&categoryId=rhbc_cat377289

  12. I have the fair aisle stockings and in my opinion they are too long. For me at least + I got them embroidered forever ago and hate the font I chose! Oh first world problems!

  13. I go my son this one and I love it! http://www.potterybarnkids.com/products/luxe-velvet-stocking-collection/?pkey=cchristmas-all&&cchristmas-all. A serious tip about the fair island/knit stockings. If you want to actually put stuff in them, they will stretch out and eventually look wonky. Which is why I chose them for my husband and I, but stuck with non-knit for my son. It is serious cuteness but still timeless snowman, santa, reindeer, etc. happy stocking shopping!

  14. SO happy you posted about stockings because poor little Bre babe would've been left out.. totally slipped my mind we need to buy another one!

  15. Oh man, I need to order from the US - we have no personalised stockings here!

  16. I have made my own Christmas stockings with the same pattern my mom used 40 years ago! And I too am underwhelmed with the Christmas Jammie selection this year. I went with the fair isle print from Hanna Anderson, but it's not nearly as cute as their fair isle of years past. I am also liking the butt's bees Christmas line.

  17. we have PB stockings that I really like...I feel like they have so many! bummer that the ones you wanted got snatched. :( and I agree...boys xmas jammies this year have been underwhelming. I snagged some cute xmas light ones at gap for blair but they don't make them in boy colors. sigh. someone needs to do a xmas jammie round up! maybe I should jump on that... ;)

  18. Looks like they have restocked! I'm trying to order now. Yes-I am in SoCal and awake in the middle of the night ;)