Christmas Necessities

I know Thanksgiving is this week, but I am in full-mode Christmas around here!  Though, let's be real, I haven't done any shopping yet!  But we have stockings {we went with these and these} and Chrismtas cards are almost ordered, so I would say things are well underway.

We hit up Target over the weekend and I was blown away by all of their cute holiday decor.  If I wasn't in the mood before that trip, I sure am now.  Even the hubby has submitted to listening to Christmas music around here...yay!  :)

I was especially impressed by Sugar Paper's array of holiday many fun prints and colors!  I also love that advent calendar, but they were all sold out!  One last thing I got, but can't find online, is their Vintage Spruce candle that smells exactly like Thymes Fraiser Fir candle, linked above, but is much less expensive!  And no this is not a sponsored post...I just really love Target!  ;)

Are you getting into the holiday spirit?

xo natasha


  1. I love that you called this Christmas Necessities because YES! Every time I go to Target, I drool over their Christmas stuff and all their new displays and all and have to stop myself from buying all the things! Great picks! I love that advent calendar!

  2. Target is KILLNG it! So much cuteness! Have a great Thanksgiving babe! xo

  3. Yes!! Target has so much good stuff this year!! I already bought a ton and plan on buying more this Saturday - they are doing $50 off a $100 purchase of holiday stuff!

  4. Love that wrapping paper! And I always love seeing people's Target finds, because when I am there I never find anything. And I even have a super target!