Our Weekend

Our weekend comprised of SNOW of all things, which meant lots of time indoors and comfort food.  We recently stopped by Trader Joe's, which is always a treat since our closet one is about an hour away.  It really helps to reignite our meal planning around here though...

I had heard great things about Inner Peas...and they are super yummy!  Ethan loved them...and so did his mom!  We also love the pre-sliced apples too.

We got rain before snow, but that didn't stop me from wearing my new Free People top...love it!  It's very flowy...and forgiving!  ;)

Ethan woke up to snow and could not have been more excited!

I love my smiley Wy guy!

Practicing tummy time on his precious play mat from Land of Nod.

Big brother can't help but join in on the fun!

So back to Trader Joe's...we bought the burrata cheese for the first time and wow!  It's SUPER rich and creamy...but makes for a delicious appetizer.  We toasted up baguette slices and topped with fresh basil, heirloom tomatoes, burrata, proscuitto, and a little olive oil, balsamic vinegar and sea salt.

We also tried these cookie butter cheesecake bites and they were amazing!  A couple other things that landed in my shopping cart: Lagranja wine {only $3.99 and not half bad!}, their macarons, and their cold pressed juices...the yellow is the best!

Sunday--Ethan had a playdate with his cute little buddy.  

And he insisted on holding Wyatt for the 187347562th time!  ;)

Last, we tried a new recipe: slow cooker chicken tortilla soup and it was DELISH!  We'll definitely be making it again, and it's so nice to have dinner basically cook itself.

How was your weekend?

xo natasha


  1. Hi Natasha! What a great weekend, just wanted to let you know the you have something right above your comment box "you might also like; has been added to your page" in yellow. Wasn't sure if that was a glitch or not. Also how did you get that added to your page?

  2. OMG that burrata cheese crostini apps looks delish! And I was drooling over your IG post of the tortilla soup! Looks like it was a great weekend with some super cuties!

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

  3. Love love love that play mat! So sweet, I'm totally baby fever lately and that's on my new baby list. Oh and burrata is my all time fave! Happy Tuesday.

  4. I probably should not have read this post right before lunch. Those look yummy! And my lunch is now not looking so great lol We recently got a Trader Joe's in town and I am obsessed! I'm definitely going to try out your appetizer recipe! And your boys are just toooo cute :-)

  5. is that the field jacket?! If so- I just got mine after ordering it from jcrew factory for a STEAL of a sale price! I was so excited! Look at Wyatt-he is darling!!!

  6. I still can't believe it snowed last weekend! Those two are so cute together. So much love.

  7. Your boys are the cutest little ones ever. That it so random about the barata. I was just talking with someone at church yesterday and they insisted I try an appetizer super similar to that. I am dying to try. Miss you, girlie.