First Family Trip of Four // Travel Tips

Traveling with two is a bit of a doozy, but it's totally doable too!  Granted, Wyatt is still in the baby stage and really just lays there, but still!  I'll take it.

Here are our essentials for traveling with two:

Solly Baby Wrap:  I really can't say enough good things about this wrap.  We tried the Moby with Ethan and it was just too difficult to get the hang of.  I love the Solly because it's lightweight, soft and breathable.  I wrapped Wyatt in the wrap (hint pre-wrap before you leave the house so you're not trying to put it on in the parking lot) and he slept the entire time through the airport.  I didn't even have to take him out through security...AND I even went to the bathroom with him on me.  It was especially nice to have my hands free to help with luggage and hold Ethan's hand.

Breast Pump: When you have two on your hands, sometimes a bottle is just easier.  Not to mention, logistically, it was nice to pump before going out to dinner or pump when Wyatt was just too distracted to nurse.  Being in a new environment is tough, so having the pump was a lifesaver.

Nursing Cover: But for those times that you need to cover up, this nursing cover is awesome!  I nursed Wyatt on the plane and these cover allowed for some air to ventilate through, put also provided privacy.

Native Slip On Shoes:  While on vacation, these shoes rock.  Ethan can get them on and off and they're great for around the pool.  Supposedly they don't smell either.

Pack N Play: Great for containing baby and as a place for them to sleep at night.

iPad: Truly the best invention ever for a toddler.  We preloaded Frozen on there and he was set on the airplane!

Pacifier Clip & Pacifier Wipes: The clip is to prevent the pacifier from hitting the nasty airplane floor...and the wipes are for when it inevitably will anyway!  ;)

Hand & Face Wipes: Because, duh, traveling is GROSS!

YumEarth Organic Lollipops: Bribing is the name of the game when it comes to traveling with two kids, and at least these are organic...amiright?

Not pictured, but definitely worth mentioning:

Umbrella Stroller: So we always have traveled with our BOB stroller and simply checked it at the gate.  It kept our toddler contained and helped carry the load of all of our stuff.  We found out the hard way this last trip that strollers over 20 pounds {the BOB is 25} have to be checked.  Insert sad face.  So next time, we will definitely bring an umbrella stroller.

Swing (seriously!): This is not practical AT.ALL, but it was a major God send for us this last trip.  We actually bought one at Target while on vacation and Ryan's parents plan to bring it back with them.  It's really the only place Wyatt sleeps, other than his bassinet/pack n play at night.  It allowed us to actually enjoy our down time.

Relative: MAJOR shout out to Ethan's ggma who sat next to him on the airplane flight there...he was a sweet little angel the entire time.  And of course, grandparents, aunts and uncles.  It really does take a village and if you have relatives that are willing to travel and vacation with a toddler and a baby, I highly recommend you take them up on it!  ;)

xo natasha


  1. These are great tips! I'm hoping to travel with our family of (soon) 4 early next year, and will have to remember this!

    1. Also- how did you travel with that big swing?!

    2. Ha! We didn't...we bought it at Target once we got there and then our parents are going to drive it back. Definitely not practical, but it was a lifesaver for us on this last trip!

  2. great tips!! we'll be traveling this fall for thanksgiving so im sure i'll be referring to this list again! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. such a cute pic of ethan and gma :)

  4. YumEarth lollipops are the best! We were stocking up during Easter time at Target, hello 30% off!

  5. All great tips! I'm so looking forward to baby wearing and making my life easier- here's hoping Mabel likes it ;)

  6. Cute picture!! And I also use the johnson and johnson wipes, such a life saver! I use them for everything.

  7. The trip looked so fun! You have this down. You will have to teach me your ways one day!