Our Trip to Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan holds such a special place in my heart.  I grew up visiting my grandparents there every summer, and to now have my sons experience Lake Michigan with me, is pretty awesome and surreal at the same time.  Ethan had a blast hanging with his uncles and cousins and it was really special for my grandmother and mom to meet Wyatt too.  

Here is just a small glimpse of our trip...there are so many photos, it's hard to narrow it down, but this post is still really photo heavy, so there is your official warning!  ;)

First, isn't the view from my grandma's back deck stunning?!  She is about a 5 minute walk to Lake Michigan and I'm telling you, this view never gets old!

Our first full day was sunny and beautiful, so we had to take advantage of tons of beach time!

 Wyatt loved it too!

Ethan's favorite part was getting buried in the sand and building drop castles with his uncles.

Ethan also tried his hand at badminton!

Sunday was a bit cooler, but that didn't stop us from hitting up my favorite ice cream spot, Pekadill's!


My sis-in-law!

Family photo in front of my favorite lighthouse!

One benefit of stormy weather?  It makes for a STUNNING backdrop!

And Wyatt got lots of floor time inside.  He loved my grandma's vintage Playskool milk bottles.

Walking the path down to the beach.

Did I mention Ethan loved to be buried?!

We also hit up the Oceana County Fair where there were lots of farm animals, fun rides and fried food!

Ethan was not too sure about the goats!

But he was tall enough to go on the ferris wheel!

And some other fun rides too!  ;)

Of course, we had to get an elephant ear to round out the trip! ;)

The next day we took Ethan horseback riding at Rainbow Ranch and I was stunned that Ethan rode his own horse!

I mean, look at that bravery!

Overall, we had the best time and I was so happy to spend time with family and show Ethan {and Wyatt to some extent} what I love most about Lake Michigan!

Do you have a childhood vacation spot that is sentimental to you?

xo natasha


  1. What a fun weekend! And did you say this was the first time your mom met Wyatt?! That makes it a super special trip!

  2. Looks like such a fun family vaycay! Your boys are too cute!

  3. What a great trip! And how grown up is Ethan getting?!??! Just crazy!!!

  4. What an awesome trip - love these happy pics and memories x

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  6. aw seriously looks so fun! i LOVE that picture of Ethan with the stormy clouds...so stunning!

  7. What a gorgeous vacation spot! I've never been to Michigan - we may have to change that soon. This looks like my kind of vacay. You look amazing and I can't get over how adorable (and grown up) the boys look!

  8. Looks like you guys had a fabulous trip! Beautiful pictures Momma! xo!

  9. Wow, I love your photos! Your boys are the cutest!! Looks like you all had a wonderful trip. I love Lake Michigan too. I've been to Mackinac Island, which I really enjoyed and would love to go back soon. It's been many years since I've been there now, so a return trip is long overdue. Your pics are just inspiring me to get back there...maybe next summer!