Happy 8 Months Wyatt!

Month 8 brings more and more fun from last month.  Wyatt is a rolling machine now...rolling to get wherever he wants to go.  He is also starting to go from sitting to his stomach {instead of falling to his back}, but isn't showing any real progress towards crawling just yet.  He is pretty much over his swing and takes his naps in his crib.  He babbles a ton and just lights up around Ethan.  Ethan can make him crack up laughing better than any of us.

Wyatt went on his first vacation to Michigan this past month and did really well on the plane.  He loved spending time on the beach and with his uncles, grandma and ggma.  

Wyatt is becoming more intrigued by the animals--I think the cat will get him to crawl, much like she did with Ethan.  He grabs her tail and fur and she totally puts up with it.

While we don't have any teeth yet, Wyatt loves to eat and put down about 6 ounces of formula every four hours or so.  He's also sleeping through the night for the most part which is amazing.

Wyatt loves car rides and stroller rides, but mostly prefers to be held.

I feel like this next month will bring more mobility and chaos, so I am hanging on to these last sweet moments before teeth, crawling and more enter the scene!!

xo natasha

PS...check out Ethan's 8 month post here!


  1. So so cute, I love his hair!! My son doesn't have any teeth yet at 7 months, and I'm like you.. enjoying that gummy smile and glad he isn't dealing with the pain of that yet!!

  2. We have no teeth over here either, but man I feel like the have to be coming! And we're mobile and it's so much tougher with the second haha. I so wish she'd slow her roll just a bit ;)

  3. Ahh, sleeping through the night. I forgot how glorious that is! I am waiting for it to happen in our house again. :) He is SUCH a cutie, just like his brother. I cannot believe he's 8 months already!!