37 Weeks

This week called for a night shot...a late night shot!  Sorry for the poor quality! 

How far along? 37 Weeks {first 37 week update}
Baby Size: A bunch of Swiss chard
Total weight gain:I really think I'm closer to 30 pounds post-holidays...
Maternity clothes? Yet again, more accessories and mostly all maternity clothes...eep!  I got this fun scarf from my sister-in-law and her husband for my birthday...love!
Stretch marks? Who knows, but I think I'm still good.
Sleep: Just the usual cramping, aches and pains.  Shifting from side-to-side is nearly impossible now!
Best moment this week: Definitely celebrating Christmas and a close second was my birthday!  ;)
Miss Anything? Having tons of energy.  With my first pregnancy, I was out walking and hiking no problem.  Now, I can barely waddle across the room...help!
Movement: Still tons and tons of rolls.
Food cravings: Everything sounds good--I just try not to eat too much in one sitting.
Gender: BOY!
Looking forward to: 2015 and knowing that I can soon say that I get to meet my soon THIS month!
Differences this time? Lack of energy and just getting around in general.  I remember complaining about it last time, but I'm serious this time around!  ;)

xo natasha


  1. yahh! im so excited for you!! almost there :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. Eeeekkk! You're SO close! How exciting! And that scarf... so cute!!

  3. So close!!! How are you staying so slim? Are you working out still or just eating well? Or just lucky? Haha!! Either way, you looks great!!

  4. That scarf is super cute. I was had much more difficulty moving around with my second. He laid on my pelvic bone and I had shooting pain with every tiny move I made. Yuck. You look great! It's not long now!

  5. You look great friend! SO excited for your little guy to get here!

  6. You look fabulous!! Glad you had such a wonderful birthday and Christmas! I can't believe how close its getting!