His Wishlist 2014

For that special guy--whether it's your husband, dad, grandpa, brother, boyfriend or baby daddy--finding the perfect gift can be a challenge!  I've put some ideas together to help inspire your shipping list.

Backpack: This is no ordinary backpack...it's a diaper bag, disguised as a really cool backpack.  We actually use an old backpack for Ethan's diaper bag right now and I have to say, it's much easier on the back than the typical one shoulder options.  

Sunglasses: Ryan has these and loves them!  They're larger frames and seem to really last.

Bluetooth Speaker: What guy doesn't love something "techy" for Christmas?

Workout Shorts: Whether to workout in or lounge around in, Lululemon makes the best gear.

Wallet: I love Herschel Supply Co and their products are really moderately priced, while being top notch quality.

Tie and Socks: They're little things but can make a huge difference with an outfit and men don't always take the time to buy things like this for themselves.

Slippers {less expensive version}: To keep his feet warm around the house!

What items do you have on your list for your guy?  I'd love to hear!

xo natasha

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  1. My hubs would love that camo backpack!

  2. Great gifts! I got Chad a bluetooth speaker for Father's Day, and he uses it every day! And, that backpack is awesome! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Nick has a bluetooth speaker and loves it. He uses it all the time.

  4. love that backpack! my husband would love that :-)