Stocking Stuffer Ideas

I seem to be on a roll with my gift guides, so here's another one.

Stocking stuffers are always a fun challenge.  It's a fine line between coming up with clever yet useful gifts...and I generally feel that stocking stuffers are "fun" things...nothing too expensive.  The more pricy gifts should really stand on their own.  Some favorites not listed above are: travel size shampoos and lotions, gum, travel kleenex, socks, and candy.  You know, things you wouldn't necessarily buy for yourself, but are always nice to have!

For the things listed above...

Starbucks Gift Cards: Or any gift cards for that matter, but I can always use Starbucks!

A unique lip balm: I've heard great things about Sugar lip balms, and also swear by EOS.

Cozy mittens: This cashmere pair is not only cozy, but also works with your smartphone!

A fun gadget: I really need a portable charger...and now they have so many cute designs!

Hairbrush-on-the-go: For your purse, your desk, or your car, you can never have too many hairbrushes, right?

Pretty hair accessories: I love these kind of hair ties that don't pull or dent your hair.

iPhone 6 Case: Because everyone is getting a new iPhone for Christmas, right?  ;)

Seasonal Perfume: I am a die-hard Jo Malone fan and love this new scent.  Plus the small size makes it easy to pop into your purse.

Functional Makeup Tool: I am dying to try one of these things...they get great reviews!

The best tweezers: And I know my tweezers!  These are hands down the best.  If you're obsessed with eyebrows as much as I am, you should really just get the kit.  

Statement Earrings: Nothing too spendy, but how fun are these ear jackets?!

Something to keep you organized: I'm pretty obsessed with this travel can help keep all of those little things together in your purse.

So tell me...what kind of things do you traditionally find in your stocking?  What fun ideas am I missing?

xo natasha


  1. You are totally on a roll! I love that little brush for your purse--it's the perfect size and so convenient to carry! And those hair ribbons that don't leave lines in your hair are a staple for me! That would be a great stocking stuffer. A portable charger is always useful! I need to get a new one (I had a case) for my iPhone 6.
    Great picks girl! Happy Friday!!

  2. i'd LOVE it if i found any of these picks in my stocking! the iphone case and truffle case are my favorite! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. Such great ideas! I'm really hoping some of them make their way into my stocking!

  4. Love these ideas! Stocking stuffers are so easy for girls. Guys on the other hand. So difficult!

  5. These are some great ideas. I love sugar lip balms.

    P.S. I'm hosting a Whole Foods & Diestel Turkey giveaway hope you can join in the fun!

  6. The sugar rose lip balm is my all time favorite! You will LOVE it. Can't get enough!

  7. LOVE that iPhone case! I, too, have a new phone case on my Christmas list but I am still on the hunt for the perfect toddler-proof one because one without protection with a toddler boy running around is a no go in our house!