Nursery // Finding the Perfect Dresser

My due date is less than three months away and I have barely scratched the surface on getting the nursery designed.  In my defense, Ethan's big boy bed won't arrive until late November, so that has definitely stalled things out.  But in the meantime, I know that getting the design underway for Baby #2 will help motivate me to get things going.

I'm planning to move Ethan's Ikea dresser to his new room, which means that I need something new for the nursery.  I'm really drawn to the mid-century modern look and would love to add some wood tones to the nursery.  I'll be using the same crib, which has a wood base.

Here are some of the dressers I've been eying:

I LOVE this West Elm dresser, but don't love the price.  Plus, I'm not sure that I need something this big.  I'm thinking if I get a smaller dresser, I can move the rocking chair to the corner that opens up by having more room.

The smaller version would be great, but is still pretty pricey.

Target has a similar option, but it doesn't get the best reviews.  Nor does its larger version, which is too bad because they really are spot on.

Dwell Studio makes a cute version, but again, it's more pricey than I want to spend.

Last, is this little number from Overstock.  It's a little smaller than I might like, but it fits the bill otherwise.

What do you think?  Is it worth splurging or saving?  Have you seen any other similar options out on the market that I've missed?  

I'd love your feedback!

xo natasha

PS...Happy Birthday Mom!


  1. I love the first one - definitely worth the splurge if you will use it again? x

  2. Too bad the target one gets bad reviews... It's beautiful. Splurge only if you see it staying in his room (or another room) for a long time. I'm loving the mid century wood look you picked!

  3. Do you think you could DIY some feet to an ikea dresser or plain dresser to give it the look? I'm excited to see the room come together!

  4. I am eyeing the same dresser from West Elm and the tall dresser option as well. But that price... :( Don't look at this site ( I already want everything they sell!

    Excited to see what you decide on. I'd love to hear if you find any other options!

  5. i love the first dresser! my mom is going to get my great-grandma's dresser painted for our baby :) i can't wait to see how it turns out! xo jillian

  6. We're using a MCM dresser as well that we picked up at a garage sale for cheap and just refinished. I recommend trying craigslist. I've seen some dressers recently for $100 in Reno. Oh, there's also a store in Reno that is all MCM. Good luck! If you're looking for MCM end tables we have two in our shed ;)

  7. Good quality furniture is always worth the splurge--it's an investment! I like the West Elm one, but you can usually find stuff that looks like that on Craigslist or at vintage stores.
    Good luck--can't wait to see what you pick out!
    Thanks, as always, for sharing.

  8. We went with BRUs furniture for my son's room... has it worked? Yes. Is it durable, not particularly. We're using the crib now for my daughter and we're waiting on my son's furniture to come in. For his new room we bought oak twin beds, a dresser and nightstand from an Amish store near us. The quality is unmatched, it's completely solid and no veneers. It's very pricey, but in my mind worth it because he's going to be stuck with it for many years! :) We've purchased Amish furniture before and have been so pleased and I've always been glad we spent the money.

  9. We decided to splurge on a larger dresser for baby boy #2. I'm hoping this will be his forever dresser until he goes to college so I figured it would be worth it! We went with one from Restoration hardware child and baby.

  10. I'm with Natalie H-if you can see this being the baby's dresser until college-I say splurge.

  11. Love the West Elm ones and the Target one does look great. I find most of their furniture reviews have poor reviews, so I'm hesitant to buy. I do have a set of their chairs and they're really uncomfortable, so now I think I'm even more reluctant on big furniture The Overstock one looks pretty good! I just feel like I always need more drawers. K has 9 drawers on her dresser and they're all filled to the brim.

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

  12. I like the last option and think you should save! If your style changes in a couple of years you won't feel guilty buying something new.

  13. To be honest, I LOVE all of the options you showed! And I would also say... splurge. I didn't click each of them to see the price but a dresser is something that he will be able to use for a LONG time so I think it is a good investment. Heck, I think I spent more on the crib that he has used for the past 2 years (will will transition out of eventually) and the dresser will last him until he moves out of the house (haha! maybe not thattttt long, but longer than we use the crib I'm sure).