25 Weeks

How far along? 25 Weeks {first 25 week update}
Baby Size: An eggplant
Total weight gain: Looks like I'm up 15.
Maternity clothes? I got some fun things while we were down south.  This is an American Vintage dress and it's SO comfy.  Seriously perfect as a maternity dress and will be great post-pregnancy too.  I also got these pants and they are super soft and comfortable!  They also come in blue
Stretch marks? Nada.
Sleep: Getting a stuffy nose that's a little annoying.  OH!  And the worst foot cramps at bedtime.  They're the worst!
Best moment this week: Having a fun fall weekend including Oktoberfest, the Fish Festival and baking pumpkin treats!
Miss Anything? Not really!  Just enjoying this time of my pregnancy right now.
Movement: More rolls and jabs!
Food cravings: Pumpkin!
Gender: BOY!
Looking forward to: Enjoying another fall weekend in Tahoe!
Differences this time around: Way more foot cramps this time around.

xo natasha


  1. im craving pumpkin everything lately! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. I love that dress!! Oh my gosh, I remember the foot cramps....no!! I hope they stop coming!!

  3. Those foot cramps really are horrible! Seriously, why is that a pregnancy symptom?!

  4. Love the dress! It will be January before you know it.

  5. You look so pretty and happy Natasha. Ethan's baby brother will be here before you know it! We're having my niece's baby shower this weekend.

  6. reg feet up and no pressure on pelvic breaks throughout the day

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