Design Showcase: Awkwardly Shaped Living Room

Kendall contacted me regarding her awkwardly shaped living room.  She and her husband {along with her three dogs} recently moved in and she's looking to find furniture that will fit the new space a little bit better.  Here's more from Kendall:

We recently bought and moved into our house and our family room is the that has given me the most trouble. As you can see it is long and narrow. We aren't able to attach our sectional because of how narrow it is. We have been looking at getting some new couches. We have also thought about mounting the tv in the middle of the wall that it is on now. 

My style preference would be light and airy with some color mixed in. Eventually we will do hardwoods in here and new light fixtures are next on the to do list. 

I would love to keep the budget pretty low or even DIY some things.

Perhaps the more challenging detail about this space is not really the space, but the placement of the entry ways and how wide they are.  It doesn't allow for a large couch or sectional.  Luckily, there are a lot of compact options out there!

First, I think Kendall should consider a smaller sectional and move it closer to the middle of the room. The side table and lamp should nest between the couch and the wall. By moving the couch closer to the oppose wall, it takes advantage of the long narrow room and makes it more functional This way, they're closer to the TV and I would suggest putting a small console table behind the couch with a fun piece of art above it. On the wall where the TV is, I would move the media console to the middle and have a shelf on one wall and a sitting chair on the other side. Anchor the room with a fun coffee table and I think they'll be amazed with how much more functional the room is.

As for the DIY aspect, I love the idea of making some of the pillows, like the ampersand and LOVE pillow.  Another fun idea, might be to make your own print for above the sofa...whether you blow up a print or paint it instead.

I hope this helps to spur some fun ideas!

xo natasha

PS...there are still a couple days left to enter to win a cute Hen & Co top or onsie!


  1. What's not to love about gray with pops of color? :)

  2. cute! i too agree she needs to pull the couch off that wall and more to the center of the room. :)

  3. I think moving the couch will be very helpful with the flow of the space too!

    I am loving this series!!