Ethan is 22 Months!

22 months...just 2 months short of 2!  How is time flying so fast?  I guess we better start thinking of what we'll do for his second birthday...crazy!  Here's what he's been up to this last month.

What's New:
Ethan is definitely developing into a little man...he's got a personality all of his own and knows exactly what he likes and doesn't like.  He's becoming quite the mama's boy...always asking for me and preferring me to hold him which is sweet, but also hard at times!  He also had a double ear infection this past month which was brutal.  Being in a public daycare situation has definitely had an impact.  I feel like his is this close to climbing out of his crib, which will prompt us to move him into a big boy bed.  It's hard to believe he's growing so quickly!

Moving more and more to 18-24 months.

Ethan is back to loving his fruit packs.  He knows which drawer they're in and will pull them out and then eat half of one before wanting a new one.  He also loves chicken nuggets, scrambled eggs, bananas, blueberries, and PB&Js.

His canines are popping least on the bottom.  Oy!

Lots and lots of mimicking!  He'll repeat {or try at least} anything we say.  He's even started to sing a bit too, which is so cute.  Probably my favorite thing he's learned to say this past month is: Hi Mama!  Melts my heart!

So much!  He loves to dance.  He loves the kitty.  He loves music and reading books.  He loves kisses and cuddles.  He loves being outside and throwing the tennis ball to Ethan.  He loves playing with other kids and giving them loves.  He loves toting his kid chair around and climbing up to the counters or drawers and going through everything.  We're on child-safety alert.

Being told what to do.  He's definitely found his independence this past month and he is pretty vocal about it.  He loves mimicking us and hates being told he can't do something we do.  

We went to San Diego this past month which will be his last time flying as a lap child.  I'm really not too sad about it as he definitely needs his own seat these days.  We also celebrated Ethan's 2nd Easter.  Busy busy busy!


  1. I seriously feel like you just posted his one year birthday party photos! He has gotten so big!

  2. Oh he is so cute!! I think I remember that you had a nanny for him when he was younger? When and how did you transition him to a daycare? Ellie has a nanny right now and I know she is going to need a daycare situation in September....

  3. Mmmm that picture of him snuggling on Mr Whiskers melts me. What a big boy he is now! I can't even wait to be with him in Aug. Love you both!

  4. Oh my goodness, I know I say this with every picture I see of him but he has gotten SO big! I love his hair, he is seriously so cute! And you can really see his little personality in the photos, it's so adorable :)

  5. and cuter than ever! love his long hair :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  6. He is soo yummy!! Love the picture of him and the cat!!!! I'm probably a little biased but I love mamas boys!! :)

  7. I can't believe he is almost two. I think he needs a sibling for a birthday present :)

  8. That first picture, he looks like such a big boy!!! And I hear ya on the mimicking! We've had to watch quite a few words lately. ;)


  9. WHAT? He's 22 months?? So hard to believe! He's almost 2!! The time goes by fast doesn't it? He's super cute Natasha!

  10. Are you having as hard of a time as I am with 2 coming up so fast?! What happened to our babies! He looks like such a big boy!!