Design Showcase: Burnt Orange in the Living Room

Hi All!

I'm back again with another installment of my design showcase series, where I am putting together mood boards for readers and the spaces that have been causing them challenges.

Brenda reached out regarding her living room.  She wants to infuse color into this space, but the catch is that her walls already boast a pretty dynamic color: burnt orange.  Here's more from Brenda:

I would love your help with my living room. I have all the major furniture pieces but would love to inject some color in the space. I would say my style preference is contemporary.

As for my living room, the walls are a burnt orange color (maybe not a top choice for most). I have all the major furniture pieces, although I wouldn’t mind making changes to those if you thought they were necessary. I would love to get some curtains, rug, lamps, side table, pillows, and other accessories (possibly changing what is on the floating shelves). I love color but don’t know how to do that given my wall color. I would like to add some teal in there somewhere. My budget for this space is $1000.

After seeing the room, I was definitely up for the challenge.  I thought a light teal would compliment the darker walls and some of the darker furniture really well...along with some additional natural elements.  I originally suggested a jute rug, but Brenda had given that a try before and wanted something more durable.  I decided to take the teal color to the rug and am really happy with how the space turned out.

 Striped Curtains // Artwork: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4
Lamps // Pillows 1 // 2 
Vases 1 // 2 // Basket // Rug {I also suggested this rug as an alternative}

And here's an idea of what the room will look like with the burnt orange wall color. 

I really like the striped curtains and think they will add some interest to the room without too much color hitting all at once.  The light teal compliments the burnt orange so well and it will be fun for Brenda to shop around and find some complimentary pillows for those chairs.  I also suggested more a white or beige throw pillow for the dark couch.  To keep things light, I am loving these glass lamps...they will provide ample light without becoming obtrusive.

Thanks to Brenda for allowing me to help her come up with some ideas for her room.

If you have emailed me about your space...hang tight!  I just got back from a quick getaway yesterday, so I am hoping to tackle more projects this week.  I think I may start posting several boards per week, at least initially, so that you can all get going on your rooms sooner than later!

Thanks again and Happy Tuesday!

xo natasha

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  1. I love it!! Teal and burnt orange are such a great combo, especially with the light tan to tie it all together! Great job again!!! :)

  2. I'm usually not a fan of the color orange in general but I think this looks amazing! xo

  3. SOOOOOO CUTE! I love the teal with the burnt orange walls!

  4. The teal compliments the orange well kind of reminds me of a southwestern feel. Dark wood shelving somewhere would also look rather nice in the room.

  5. Amazing! At first I thought "What can you really do with those burnt orange walls???" but you nailed it!

  6. Oh I absolutely love the curtains and the pillows! Tash I need you to fly out and do my place... thank you!

  7. The curtains and lamps are my favorite! Would love to see an after photo of what the owner decides to do! I'm loving this fun series!
    Home Style Love

  8. Oooh..I love the striped curtains! Good work!

  9. Oh that looks awesome! I love the striped curtains and that rug!! Nice work can't wait to see more!!

  10. Love what you did here! Can't wait to see all the other rooms too!

  11. this looks awesome! you really do have a knack for design! i was leary of teal with that wall color but it looks great! good job!

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  13. Love what you came up with Natasha!! Will definitely brighten up the room.

  14. Thank you for having such an awesome blog. You inspired me to paint some pieces of furniture I found at the curb. Keep up the great work! Two person recliner