Ethan is 21 Months!

And I'm on time for is his 21 month birthday!  ;)

What's New:
Nothing too new other than way more tude!  His hair also seems to be taking's getting so long!  He also started Montessori School this past month which has been an adjustment.  Just this past week, he started taking naps, which is huge and he's getting more and more used to being dropped off.  We started him off at 2 days a week, and I think it's the perfect balance.  

OH...and he can smile {show his teeth} on command now too.

We're officially moving out of 12-18 months and on to 18-24 month pants and shirts.  It seems like his legs just grew overnight!

Ethan's new favorite food is oranges {cuties to be exact}.  I cut them in half and he downs them like candy.  He also loves eggs, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, sweet potato, mac + cheese, and avocado.  I'm sure he could use more veggies in his diet, but for now, I'm just happy he's eating!

No new this last month.

Ethan is talking more and more everyday and he seems to finally be stringing words together.  Ryan said he repeated "Hi Mama" the other day over the phone, though I have yet to hear it.  He'll think more and more when repeating words and try to sound things out.  I feel like we're just around the corner from much {much!} more.

Reading books before bed.  His favorite book is Goodnight Moon.  We must read it every night, which I kind of adore {though I know the whole thing by heart now}.  He also loves the sink and blowing bubbles in the backyard.

Being dropped off at Montessori...though he's getting better.  The first few weeks were rough!

Other than to Montessori...this kid goes to the beach, which he loves and he LOVES the backyard.  He can open the slider on his own {scary} and loves throwing the ball to Wilson.  This summer is going to be so much fun!

xo natasha


  1. Do funny about posting on time, I was like he just turned 20! I was scared time was flying even faster! He's such a little peanut, just like A! Glad school is getting better, has to be so hard.

  2. So cute!! He is getting so big! And I'm with him on the "cuties". So glad Montessori is now going well!!

    Happy birthday Ethan!

  3. Love that he smiles on command! We've also memorized our bedtime books... The going to bed book!

  4. What a cutie...he's growing so fast! They seriously do grow overnight; it's insane!! We switched day cares in January and it took SO LONG for Cam to enjoy drop offs, so it does get better! However, we have yet to try the gym day care because I don't want to go through that again!!

  5. he is so cute!! i hope school is going well for him
    xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  6. Love how long his hair is growing out! Liam has been rocking some long hair for awhile, and I really like it! L is also obsessed with books! One of our favorites (nighttime and otherwise) is The Goodnight Train. Fun illustrations with so much for the little ones to point out and talk about. And it's fun to read.

  7. He's so adorable Natasha. I know it has to be so much fun when they get better and better with communicating and showing so much interest in "helping you" out around the house.

  8. he is just adorable! I can't believe he is already 21 months!! I swear you just brought him home from the hospital!!

  9. I swear veggies are an ongoing crisis in our house. Not sure it gets easier. Haha. Happy 21 months big boy!

  10. aw sweet ethan! he's getting so big! and wow how beautiful is tahoe?! swoon!

  11. It's crazy that they are getting so much older and can now open doors! The other day Mason opened the screen door without me knowing and just stood there, amazed he opened it on his own. His new favorite thing is opening and shutting the sliding door to the bathroom...the one I close so he doesn't go in and stick his hand in the toilet like he likes to do! Boys...

  12. BAH! He's turning into such a little "boy"! So sweet! I love the longer hair!

  13. What a cutie! He's a spitting image of your hubby! I love his longer hair, it'll be perfect for Summertime!

  14. Look at that head of hair! Such a handsome little one!