Schue Casa: The Front Sitting Room Mood Board

The last time we talked about this room, I was planning for it to be a formal dining room. Since we've now lived here for over a year, we have a much better understanding of how we use each room. The front room is currently set up with our old sectionals {see it here!} and even though it's not super ideal looking, it's proven to be very functional for our family! We love drinking coffee there in the morning, reading a book in the afternoon or having a glass of wine with company in the evening. It's got a great view of trees and mountains and it's a nice room to escape to! 

I've been searching high and love for a couch and accent chairs that will be both attractive and comfortable. We LOVED our olds sectional from Macy' fact, we have a smaller version in our upstairs media room. The back is supportive and it's great for lounging/watching movies. I am probably crazy for wanting a white couch but since I'm *hoping* this will be more of an adult space, I am thinking it will be ok. This is another white couch that is crazy inexpensive!

I've also been on the hunt for accent chairs...and while I wanted something more structural, I'm not sure that the lack of comfort will be worth it. Some of the accent chairs I've been looking at...this, this and this! However, I love the height on the ones above and how comfy they look to curl up in.

Last, the rug looks like a dramatic choice but I keep reading how it's gorgeous and versatile it is for most any room. I don't think it's as bold in person, but it will definitely add warmth to the room.

Now to save and start chipping away!

xo natasha

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