#SchueCasa: Dining Room Inspiration

The front room of our house, AKA the dining room, gets a lot of natural light and has gorgeous views of the mountains. The question I have is if it's really practical to set up a formal dining room in this space or to use it for more of a sitting room? It could also be used as a makeshift playroom, though I hate the idea that it would be the first thing you see when you walk in!

I should mention that we have a large eat-in kitchen where we will likely eat all of our meals so this space would be for when we have company over, particularly around the holidays.

Here are some inspiration photos:

These are the kind of sitting rooms I have in mind if we went that direction...

What is your preference?

xo natasha


  1. Love your inspiration board!! We moved into our home last summer and I was wondering if we would end up using our dining room (very classic house layout) because we also have an eat-in kitchen, but we have more than I thought! We also already have a den area on our main level so we don't have a need for that kind of space.

  2. I am still a huge fan of formal dining rooms, but I only like if they are right off the kitchen. Is yours? With our new house, we’ll have a playroom right when you walk in. And while it’s not ideal, it’s our stage of life right now. And when I no longer need a playroom, it will be a formal sitting room.