Halloween 2016

This Halloween was our favorite yet as the boys are old enough to really get into the festivities and enjoy!  We had a fun-filled Halloween weekend including going to a Harvest Party, carving pumpkins with spooky music in the background, making ghost pancakes and trick-or-treating with friends!  Seeing their joy is making me SO excited for the upcoming holiday season...bring on the carols and the red cups!  ;)

I hope you had a wonderful Halloween as well!

xo natasha


  1. SO MUCH FUN!!! Holidays are always better with kiddies x

  2. so sweet! your boys' curls are seriously amazing!

    I’ve got a stripe round up for mama + babe on my blog today!

  3. They are SOOO cute! This is the most fun age. I seem to say that a lot of the time though (: