Gift Guide: For Toddler

Espresso Machine: Wyatt and Ethan love to help us make our Nespresso coffees in the morning so I imagine they would both love to have their own!

Chutes and Ladders: Ethan is obsessed with Candyland so I think he will love this game too!  Plus, how cute {and nostalgic} is the retro feel of these games?

Storm Trooper Watch: Ethan loves to "tell time" lately and also has a small obsession with Star Wars so this seems like a perfect gift.

Ferry Boat Bath Toy: Ethan and I went on a ferry boat earlier this year and loved it!  This would be the perfect addition to the bathtub for both boys!

Magnetic Blocks: The boys love building and stacking blocks...I think they would love these!

Nesting Blocks: We've lost some of out current nesting blocks so this would be a cute replacement!

Cleaning Set: The boys love helping around the house!

Stampables: Arts and crafts are becoming more popular around here and Ethan love stamps!  Done!

Hunter Rain Boots: Though cliche, I would love these for the boys!  With the sock liners of course!

What is on your kids wishlist this season?!

xo natasha


  1. Such a great list!!! I think Hudson would LOVE that watch too! And word of a warning about chutes and ladders...Hudson HATES to go down a chute and has a fit over it each time, so I finally hid the game because I refuse to play it anymore! Maybe Ethan will be a better sport???

  2. Love all these ideas! My boys love the ferry boat and the tegu blocks. Also, Liam has a Lego watch that he is super into!

  3. Those magnetic blocks look so cool! ah, chutes and ladders, so many memories.

    xo, brittany
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  4. chutes and ladders was my FAVORITE game when I was little :)

  5. Cash LOVES Star Wars, too. We have quite a few things in our Amazon cart for Christmas. I'll be adding this watch for sure. :)

  6. Such great ideas! We actually just got Henry those exact stacking blocks as a sort of "big brother" gift and he loves them! (And the woodland design is super cute!)

  7. Great list! We're trying to decided what to get our 1 1/2 yr old. Good ideas :) I think she may love that cleaning kit!