New Year // Workout Gear

With the new year, resolutions are on everyone's mind.  My resolutions are to live more in the present {less time on my phone!}, eat cleaner {less sugar, gluten, and dairy} and commit to working out at least three times per week {less excuses!}  Pretty standard, right?

And to help aid my enthusiasm for my workouts, new workout gear always seems to fit the bill.  For those of you who live in colder climates, I was just gifted these ice cleats, which allows me to get outdoors for walks, even when it's icy out!

I bought a spin bike a couple years ago, after Ethan was born, which is great for when the kids are napping.  I've also been checking out Skinny Mom's workouts on Instagram.

What are your new year's resolutions?  Anyone else have easy workouts that work for a busy mom on the go?

xo natasha


  1. Being more present and more intentional with my time. Also cut out the bad food. Drink more water.
    Love abundantly x

  2. Zella leggings are the best! We need to start up Saturdays again!

  3. ugh i'm going to be fatter than ever this pregnancy because I'm high risk. I've been doing all the eating and none of the exercise. Sigh. I guess it's just a season right?

  4. Zella leggings are seriously the best and so comfortable

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